Weekly Faves

My favorites for this week are a random mix. Imagine that. Enjoy!

I loved this photo shoot featured on Little Sooti of a Willy Wonka inspired wedding.  Seriously, how fun would that wedding be?  I wish my bouquet had candy in it.  It would have married (pun totally intended) everything that I love – sweets and flowers!

I am loving this free thank you note download featured on Jones Design Co.  I am always in need of thank you notes…I am also in need of a home printer, but that is neither here nor there.

I love me some pumpkin…except pumpkin pie. I am kind of just meh on that.  Is that weird? Pencil Shavings featured this recipe for pumpkin bread that she says is the best recipe ever. I am so on this.

A Busy Nest posted this really creative no-bake cookie for kids.  It is made of nilla wafers, peppermint patties, fruit roll ups and more.  Get the “recipe” here.

Also, to those of you that have the comment form embedded in your post (rather than a pop-up), I apologize if I am not commenting.  I can from my phone, but not from my computer.  So odd. Super frustrating!!!


  1. I am the same way! I wish everyone had a pop-up windown so I could comment more!

  2. Katie,
    The no-bake cookie for kids is adorable, and I must check out the recipe for the pumpkin bread.
    That's terrible about your sink!! I was in Dallas so I am just now reading that entry.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. I love the pumpkin bread! I do like pumpkin pie, but much prefer the bread... yummmo!

  4. I love those notecards! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I am a fellow pumpkin, not so much pumpkin pie, lover! I have a super easy recipe for pumpkin spice muffins that you must try.


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