Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birchbox Month 2

So this month’s birchbox was just meh.  (See last month’s here.)  My friend Kelsey called me with the news yesterday, but I didn’t get my box until today. I was hoping for a better fate.

Here is what all was included:

I do have to give them credit – they do pretty packaging.

iphone pics 9-14-11 028

iphone pics 9-14-11 029

This was kind of cool. It is nail polish that you just press onto your fingers and then use a nail file to file off the excess.  Not really feeling the color, but the concept is cool.

iphone pics 9-14-11 030

Also included was a Ferragamo perfume that I actually haven’t smelled yet, a loose powder, a lip plumper and a rose hand cream.  I have to admit, the hand cream smelled pretty amazing.

iphone pics 9-14-11 031

I am looking forward to trying the powder.  I currently use Mary Kay and really like it, but am curious to see what this one is like.

I am also curious about this lip plumper.  I’ll review tomorrow!

Now, I must go watch Project Runway.  Carry on :).


Sarah said...

How about the sweet friendship bracelet?! Haha, I'm sure you're sportin' it just like me. :)

Jax said...

I still need to try this! But, glad I didnt start this month if it was meh compared to your first month! I love me some hand cream, though. The packaging IS super pretty! And I like presents in the mail. Whatever it is, it's better than my Cox bill... haha!

Megan B said...

Yours is better than mine or maybe the grass is just greener on the other side ;). I will try to test my products and blog about them this weekend.

Aja said...

Wait, you also got a friendship bracelet???????

Okay, I admit I haven't signed up yet- totally need to! These lips won't plump themselves!

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