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I am still mourning the loss of my sink. It is driving me CRAZY to not have it up and working.  I am hoping Tommy’s parent’s neighbor (who is a plumber) can help.  Otherwise, I am sure I will be met with a huge hassle…and a huge bill.  Sigh. I was only trying to get toned!

Anyway, moving on to my real post.  Tomorrow is Finley’s 2nd birthday and today my sister had the most adorable party for her.  (Pics soon.) But I had to share the adorable gift I got her:

Isn’t it the cutest?  My friend Betsy makes them. You can see all the crafty things she does here. She made this one for my nephew’s second birthday, too. 

Finley was so funny when she saw it for the first time. I picked up the stool on Thursday and thought it was so cute that I had to go show my mom.  She was babysitting Finley and I didn’t think Finley would have any interest.  She saw it and immediately took it out of my hands and brought it with her everywhere she went to sit on.  I tried to take it home so that I could wrap it up since my sister hadn’t seen it yet (and, really, the only person who would really care about the cuteness when it was opened was my sister).  But Finley refused to let me leave with it.  Allison had to hide it and wrap it for her to open at the party today.  So sweet!


  1. Aw! That is so stinking cute! And the perfect gift! I kinda want to check those out for my friends! I never have any idea what to get b/c their kiddos have so many toys already!

  2. What a great gift! They are both so cute!


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