Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome to My World

I will admit, my blog has been lacking. Life has kind of taken over...

We are in the process of selling our current house...
and buying a new one...

Have had family in town to visit. (Seriously, are my cousin's kids not absolutely adorable?!!)

Went to see the best concert ever - Black Eyed Peas.

We were like teeny boppers down on the floor. Well, I was. Not so much Tommy.

I also had to share this birthday party I went to last weekend. It was a family friend's daughter's 2nd birthday (is that too much detail?) and the party was precious! If you look on the table, she handmade each invitation. (And you guys, there were a ton of people there!) Her mother-in-law is cake decorator and made these amazing cakes. It was the cutest!

The polka dot theme was throughout the whole party and I love the banner she made. She used a pizza round as her form and her cricut for the letters. Love it!

I will say, the one bonus of a busy life -- your week flies by and you don't realize you haven't touched your blog since Tuesday.


  1. Well, I have missed you, but you have had lots of good reasons not to blog!!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I'm still waiting on pics of the new house!


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