First, I have to start with the cutest story. My sister-in-law emailed me today and told me that my nephew, this one:

was "driving" in his toy car and she asked him where he was going. He sweetly answered, "Aunt Cake's." (Aunt Cake would be me. Short for Aunt KK. He is such a smart boy. He knows the keys to my heart.) Um, told you guys I was world's greatest aunt.

Next, I know Easter is a little while away, but I ran across these napkins on Martha Stewart (who else?) and had to share. You can get full folding instructions here. I would say I would attempt to do this at Easter, but (confession) I only use napkins once and put them in the washer only to never iron them for use again. So...who am I kidding, I am sure I won't be motivated enough to iron anything between now and then. So if you guys attempt this, let me know.
Lastly, I have a birthday party for a two year old girl this weekend. Any fun ideas of what little girls might like?

Max is turning two in a few weeks and I am really excited about my gift for him. Kristen is redoing his room with this theme from Pottery Barn Kids.

I am having my friend, Betsy, make him a stool with his name and a pirate ship. Here are some of her designs.

More soon!


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