Topiary - Totally Doable

I love a craft that I can accomplish. Not too many are that easy. However, I came across this adorable Jelly Bean Topiary on Crafty Sisters and I thought to myself, "Self, you can do this." So I had to share.

Basically, all you need are jelly beans, styrofoam, a styrofoam ball, a pot and moss. (Cheap, too!) The crafty sister hot glued each jelly bean onto the ball, however, I would think toothpicks would work well, too. (If you have no idea where you hot glue gun me.)

Once completed, add some moss around the base....

And, voila, you have these cuties.

If you try this, you must send me pics!


  1. SO Cute! i think I may try these for Finley's baptism!!

  2. Very cute - I saw a similar "tree" done with the chocolate little easter eggs you can get right now (just solid milk chocolate wrapped in the pastel foils!) on the Disney Family Fun website - they used the toothpick method on those too. If you haven't ever been on that website - it has great ideas, recipes, printables, etc. Google "disney family fun magazine" and it should come up! sorry we can't be at the baptism this weekend but Miss Finley will be on our minds and in our hearts!!! love, Jennifer

  3. Too cute! If you used toothpicks instead of hot glue, the jelly beans could be eaten... hence an edible centerpiece... Thanks! Great idea!


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