I have a secret

I hate to let go of this secret recipe, but because I love you guys I will. I am kind of known for two things in the culinary world (isn't that sad?):
1- My Bruschetta
2- My Brownies

Sadly, neither are gourmet. But that's not why you come here.

Today I will give away my brownie recipe. And it comes from a box. The first secret is, you must get the Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Chunk mix. Trust me.

Bake as shown. Only (and this is the secret part) undercook them by 4-5 minutes.

Let them cool and ice them with chocolate icing.

Then watch your brownies disappear in an instant.

**Note, I just reread this and realized you guys must think I am crazy. Like you didn't know how to cook boxed brownies. I am telling you, though, you will come back and thank me if you follow these instructions.**

XOXO (Um, anyone else excited Gossip Girl is back on???)


  1. I like the raw brownie mix much better than cooked. It is not good for me. :)

  2. My kind of tips! I always over-complicate box instructions.
    P.S. I think Hostess with the Mostess is reading your blog...she totally posted what you did already about the party accessories! :)

  3. sometimes it's the simplest things that are the very best...and very best kept secrets! thanks for sharing! -Leah

  4. Totally psyched about Gossip Girl! I love gooey brownies..I'll have to give your tips a try.

  5. Yummy!!!! Will try the icing on top :)


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