I still need to post about Emmy being four, but I wanted to post about our recent trip to Disneyland while it was still fresh on my mind!

I have been planning this trip for months because I knew Emmy would be at the perfect, magical age for the trip. We also knew we were going to leave Holden at home because he is deathly afraid of characters, so Disneyland seemed more doable for a short (three day) trip!

I didn't tell Emmy we were going ahead of time, so I woke her up on Wednesday morning with the surprise that we were going to Disney! She was SOOOO excited. She absolutely loves to travel and was perfect on the plane!

When we got to Anaheim, we checked into our hotel, ate lunch and then hit the park. First stop:
As luck would have it, Nick Lachey happened to be walking in the back entrance as we were walking out. He was really friendly when I told him he had cute kids ;).

Our next stop was the big mouse himself, rode a roller coaster, went to all of the houses in toon town, then we ran into Goofy on our way to It's a Small World.

We took a little break for a Dole Whip and the Soundsational Parade:

And if that wasn't enough, we went over to Disney California Adventure for the Disney Jr. show! She was an awesome trooper and did great! We went to bed at 7 CA time (9:00 our time).

The next morning began at, no lie, 4:30 CA time. This time didn't get any later during the trip, unfortunately. Luckily, she really was enthralled in the Disney Magic, so it didn't affect her mood at all (until we got home...but that's a story for another day :)).

We started the morning at Disneyland during their Extra Magic Hour. Now, if I were to do it all over again, I would have taken the advice from all of my planning blogs and done the other park on the Magic Morning even though we had been up for HOURS and would have had to wait another hour, but apparently I don't listen well. It was crowded, but Emmy still had fun. Her favorite rides with the Carousel and Dumbo.

We hopped over to Disney California Adventure and spent most of the day there. It was HOT, so we rode Soarin, went to the Frozen show, went on Mosters, Inc., met Olaf, met Elsa (Anna must have had a cold), and then watched the Pixar Parade.

We went to bed close to 8 and the excitement woke Emmy up again at 4:45.  So we hit the parks bright and early. We started at California Adventure to take advantage of the Magic Morning, then hopped over to Disney when it opened. Emmy loved the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was her first big ride!

We went on Toy Story Midway Mania, which was a lot of fun, too. We met a ton of characters this day!

And we had a princess lunch, where Emmy was in heaven. (After she got over me accidentally slamming her finger in the door when I told her not to open it while I was going to the bathroom. Oy.)

After our lunch, we took naps and went to pool, which turns out was Emmy's favorite part of the trip. Ha! Glad we went all the way to Disneyland for the pool. It did have water slides, though.

That evening we went back to Disney California Adventure and did a few rides in Bugs Land, but it was crazy packed, so we called it a night and went back to the hotel.

The next morning we got up at 4:30 (again) and went to breakfast at our hotel. It was our last day, so we only had a half day in the parks. We were able to get there before 8 and ride the last few rides we hadn't yet.

We also got to meet some characters we hadn't yet. My friend Julie got Emmy this autograph book for her birthday present and it was perfect for getting everyone to sign it!

We got to meet a few new princesses with zero line (thank goodness)!

This pic cracks me up. Love my hair. This ride was super fun!

It was crazy hot and crazy busy, but we had a great trip. I am glad we got to experience the magic with her!


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