Makeovers and Giveaways!

Last week I was invited to Luxe Furniture in Tulsa to learn more about their products and offer a little giveaway (more below) to you all! I had been in the store before, but didn't really know much about their products.

What I loved most is that trendy, cute furniture that is functional is still attainable for moms. Who knew?  Also, the store is owned by a mom of two little boys (and you know how boys are with furniture) and many of her designers are moms too, so it's totally not just lip service.  And, if you're reading this and not a mom, they have stuff for you, too :).

My kids spend a lot of time on our sofa (Peppa Pig, Blaze and the Monster Machines, ahem), so I literally about died when I saw this white couch below. Haaaa. Can you imagine?  Well, you can. Haaaa! The couch covers are washable. For real. And that chair on the's is made out of sunbrella material. Yes, like the umbrella over your summer table. For those who know me, know I am super weird about textures. (I have to wear socks to bed because I can't stand the feeling of the sheets on my bare feet.) And, believe it or not, this was actually soft.

They also have a whole collection of kid's room furniture that is much better than anything I have seen out there. This bed below even comes as a crib!

There are rows and rows of fabric options. And, if the thought of that overwhelms you, (it does me), they have complimentary designers who can put a whole room together for you. 

I seriously love their design process. You have a designer come out to your house (totally free of charge) and they come up with a design plan for your room. It can be as simple as pillows, window coverings and a rug that will transform your room or can be more extensive to include custom furniture, etc. I also loved that their designers will also share their expertise on wall coloring, etc. if needed, to tie the room all together.

I would love to give away a $100 gift card to Luxe to one of you! They have some great hostess gifts (or a gift for yourself) that you can pick up, like this cheese plate! And I will throw in a $25 gift card to J. Cole shoes, which is a few doors down and has the best shoes and accessories in Tulsa!  (You can visit them both at 99th and Riverside at King's Landing.)

To win, just comment below, and/or on my FB or Instagram page with what piece of furniture you would most like for your home. I will pick a winner on 12/10! Good luck!

PS - I just found out that all of the pics in my previous posts didn't pull through. Oops! I will be doing some new posts soon!


  1. This sounds like a great place! I would love a new coffee table.

  2. I need a new bed frame for Ethan - the one you posted is so cute!!

  3. Such a cute store! I dream of a new kitchen table. I bet they have some really cute ones! - Lindsey Landrum

  4. So cute! I'm searching everywhere for an armoire, I need to look there too!


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