Holden's Two!

My baby is two! You all, he is a little stinker. I wish I could fully describe his personality because it is so funny. He does the funniest things to get his way, like whispers, "Just one more Bubble Guppies." And it is so cute that it is hard to say no...but when you do tell him "no." He doesn't like it one bit. Haaaa!!

Waaaah! He is getting so big! But he is soooo handsome! (I know I am biased!)

He loves his sister and copies everything she does. Everything. But he doesn't like her to touch him. It has already begun! Ha! But he will give her sweet hugs if she asks for one. 

He is also the king of facial expressions. This is one he made when he saw the elves at a Bristow's Christmas Unwrapped. The elves were actually darling. He just scares VERY easily. (Good thing he didn't go to Disney!)

 Holden and his cousin Luke are just the sweetest friends. They will fight like brothers, but get so excited to see each other.  Luke is also about a good 3-4 inches taller than Holden. However, I took him to the doctor today for his well check and turns out that he is the 52%...apparently Luke is just giant. Holden weighs 25.6 pounds and is 34.5 inches tall.

 Holden's favorite things include:

  • Being outside
  • Riding his scooter. OMG. It is the cutest thing ever.  People in our neighborhood just get the biggest kick out of it.
  • LOVES soccer. He is in Lil' Kickers and gets so excited when he gets to go. He says "soccer game" and is obsessed with wearing his soccer clothes!
  • He also loves tv. I limit him to about 2 shows a day, but he would totally sit and watch it all.day.long if I let him. His absolute favorite show is Blaze and the Monster Machines.
  • We got him a new train table for his birthday and Megan got him some Thomas the Train characters. He squeals "Thomas Train" every morning and gets so excited!

He had been sleeping amazingly until the time change, then started sleeping until about 6:30, but for the past week he has been waking before 6. He is turning into his sister ;). Haaa.

As for eating, he is pretty much a typical kid. Emmy has always done amazing at eating fruits and veggies. And he really doesn't care for many veggies at all. He loves sweets, pizza, and will eat more meat than Emmy.

 This picture just was the sweetest thing ever - this is him hiding in hide and seek! All the heart eyes!
 For his second birthday, we had a joint party with Luke. I totally failed as a pinterest mom and didn't do much...but he's only two. There's always next year, right?

Oh, I forgot to mention, Holden is 100% into his daddy. I basically can do nothing for him. "Daddy do it" is out of his mouth about 200 times a day. He wants his daddy to get him out of bed, put him to bed, get his food, get his water, brush his teeth, change his diaper, get him into the car, get him out of the car. It is actually pretty nice. I am on a mommy vacation. Only problem is daddy gets all the hugs.

We love this little man and his precious personality! Here's to a great third year!


  1. Oh, my goodness!! This is one of my favorite posts. Holden is just so adorable, and I love every one of his pictures. He is so handsome in all his "little man" clothes. That is cute that he wants Tommy to do everything for him. I'm still hoping that one day I will get to see this precious boy in person, and I hope I will get one of his hugs. Love, Aunt Angie


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