Emmy is four!

So better late than never, right? Emmy turned four about 2 months ago, but in mom time, that's like yesterday. Ha.

Over the past few months, Emmy has really gotten so much more mature! We actually go a few days between fits. (Hallelujah! Now the other child has taken that over. Ha.) She sleeps through the nights most nights. We have given up naps and I have just come to terms with my day beginning by 6 (many days before) every morning. I had to take a cue from Elsa and just "Let it gooooooo."

Some big milestones - Emmy got her teeth cleaned for the first time in July. Luckily, her Sue Sue is her hygienist, so it was a great first visit!

 We found out over the summer than Emmy has an allergy to cashews, so she had to have her blood drawn for the testing and she got an ice cream cone for being so brave. She actually did way better than I thought she would for the blood draw. We also found out she has a mild allergy to oats.

(When Emmy was about 8 months old, my mom was eating cashews and she touched some food that Emmy had. We did testing then because she broke out in hives.  We didn't know the cause at the time....could have been a 100 different things, but everything came back negative. I honestly didn't think two things of it when she asked me to eat a honey roasted cashew that I was eating.  Then she  came back and said it tasted bad and wanted to throw it away. I found that odd, but again, didn't think much of it until she started crying and saying she couldn't get the taste out of her mouth. Then I could see her whole check was broken out in hives. Poor girl.)

Emmy got her first salon hair cut this summer. Lol. She was being a little obstinate, though, when the hairdresser would speak to her. 

Emmy started her second year of pre-school. She has grown so much this year. She is using her pencil correctly, can write most of her letters really well, can write most from memory.  She has also become more confident when speaking with strangers. I am so proud of her!

Emmy just loves spending time with her cousins. Even her boy cousins! They all play so well together. Emmy and Tatum have a lot of the same interests, so they can really keep themselves entertained. 

I am also so impressed with her imagination. Kids see the world in such a unique way and I love to hear her questions! She is soooo observant of things around her. Yesterday we were driving and she remembered a play house on the road and how it was decorated in stripes last year. She said it out of the clear blue. Crazy. To have a mind not encumbered by other clutter :).

Emmy can be really shy still, though. Tommy took her to a daddy date night at school and he said she didn't utter a peep all night. Haaaa!

But at Disney, she didn't have a problem talking to all of the princesses!

Emmy has a love for all things Christmas. She has decorated four Christmas trees this year and has loved seeing Santa and anyone Christmas related! She loves the music, the lights, the shows. I just love her enthusiasm for this time of year!! It really is so sweet!

I just love watching my sweet girl grow. She really is a ray of sunshine and laughter in our day!


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