Holden’s Newborn Pics

So we are on round two of illness around here. That’s always fun.  Emmy has a cold and fever, and the cold has been passed to the baby. So while she is watching Doc McStuffins, I thought I would upload Holden’s newborn pics taken by Lindsay McDaniel.

Holden seriously slept like 22 hours a day until the day that Lindsay came to take these pics. Ha! It took probably an hour and a half to get him to sleep, but he was a trooper.  Emmy on the other hand… Just know looks can be deceiving Winking smile!

This was the image we used on our Christmas card. 

This one is really sweet too:

He looks so cute in a bow tie!

This was the picture on the back of our card with his announcement – one advantage of having a baby in December – you can use your Christmas card for double duty!

We did get one baby smile!

And this was when it all went downhill! At least Tommy and I were smiling. Ha!


  1. Great pictures! What a sweet little peanut!

  2. Holden is such a sweet, beautiful, and precious baby!! You and Tommy look great, and Emmy is still precious . . .even if she was not so cooperative that day!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  3. So sweet! I think he looks a lot like Emmy!

  4. Great pics! June has a cold right now and passed it to the baby too. Poor second child 😝


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