Holden–One Month

We have had a great month with our sweet little guy! He has the best demeanor and this experience has been the exact opposite of our experience with Emmy. I am not sure if it is that my expectations are more realistic or if he has just been a dream baby.  I also didn’t have a huge sleep deficit like I did with Emmy, so that has helped.

First car ride home:

iphone pics 12514 048

Holden is pretty content and is easy to appease if he does get fussy. His likes include:

  • Baths
  • Being held
  • Napping (like his daddy!)
  • Being walked in a carrier
  • Laying on his back and looking at his play mat

Dislikes include:

  • Diaper changes
  • Being buckled into his car seat

For the first two weeks Holden was never awake, but knew his nights and days immediately, which was nice.  He still eats every three hours and has only given us a handful of 4.5 hour stretches at night, but we have been super lucky that after he eats he usually goes straight back to sleep.  He is still sleeping in our room in a bassinet so I don’t have to go across the house for his feedings.

His first week home from the hospital (sleeping, per usual):

iphone pics 12514 073

One month old:

iphone pics 1115 016

His current schedule has him waking for the day between 6-7:30 and staying awake for a couple of hours, then napping (between 3-hour feedings) until about 4ish. He will be awake for a little while and then go back to sleep until around 8:30 and I will keep him up until his last feeding in hopes that will get me some extra snooze time.

This baby is a smiler! He smiles in his sleep and he smiles when he makes eye contact with you. It is just heart melting!

iphone pics 1115 012iphone pics 1115 013 

He has moved from some newborn sleepers to 3 month sleepers, and can wear both newborn and size 1 diapers. 

As for big sister….she loooves her brother!

iphone pics 1115 021 iphone pics 122814 019

iphone pics 122814 028 iphone pics 122814 095 iphone pics 12514 058iphone pics 12514 071 iphone pics 12514 049

She loves to hold him, comforts him when he is crying, always asks where he is, is a huge helper by bringing me diapers, wipes, etc. She is an excellent big sister.

All that said, she has had some epic tantrums that I am sure have to do with her huge life change, so that has been my biggest challenge. He is a cake walk – toddler, notsomuch.

So that sums up our month! I will write more about our Christmas. We had a great time celebrating despite a horrid stomach virus sweeping our (and our cousin’s) household.  Here are some sneak peeks of his professional pics:

(Don’t let this sweet pic fool you – it was a Christmas miracle to get this!)

iphone pics 122814 011

iphone pics 122814 010

Happy new year!

Edited to add (so I won’t forget):

Biggest learning curve:

The Male Anatomy. I thought diaper changes would be much easier with less crevices to deal with. Not the case. Also, nothing will ever prepare me for the deer in headlights shock that happens daily when the “sprinkler” goes off! You would think I would learn how to keep it covered!


Brother, little buddy, Bubs, Bubsie, Mr. Bubs, Mr. Man, Little Man, Bubby – I don’t think the child is ever called by his name!


  1. Such sweetness! Drew was a MUCH harder baby than Trent was, but he takes the cake (so far) in toddler/big boy land - I keep waiting for her to turn into him and it hasn't happened yet, ha! Holden looks really long? He is so cute! Drew turns 2 tomorrow!!!!

  2. Adorbs. I love the Christmas photos. You are an amazing mom.


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