Christmas 2014

We had a different, but good Christmas season this year! I thought Emmy might be a little cheated (not that she would know) on all of the activities that we would typically participate in since we would have a newborn, but I rallied and we still did so many fun things!

The night of Thanksgiving, we took Emmy to see Rhema’s lights. She LOVED it and kept calling them the colors. Her favorites were the pinks and oranges!

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We also went back a few weeks before Christmas with my sister and her family. 

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I had great intentions of an advent calendar with daily activities or books, but she was really still too young to care or notice, so that went out the window. This was the list… some of these happened and many did not!

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We also drove around one evening to see Christmas lights and Emmy loved having sips of my decaf white mocha. She now asks for a sip anytime she sees me with a Starbucks cup!

Emmy also got her own tree that she could touch and decorate. She was so proud to show it off when guests came over!

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We also went to the Tulsa Christmas Parade and she LOVED it! She loved the drummers and dancing! She still talks about it! It was also amazing weather or we totally wouldn’t have gone! I think it was 60 degrees.

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We also made cookies with all of the cousins a few days before Christmas and, of course, had donuts with Santa:

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Emmy also LOVED the book the Polar Express and was lucky enough to ride it! She had a blast and will tell people she got a bell from Santa. :)

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Her first hot chocolate:

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On Christmas Eve, we had breakfast and opened gifts at my mom’s. She loved her new train set from Sue Sue and that was a huge hit! That evening we went to church and then to Aunt Kristen’s. That is when things got “interesting.”

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Our sweet girl, who has never thrown up in her 2+ years of life, asked if she got a present, opened it (a disney hair kit that she loved) and the proceeded to throw up all over my sister-in-law’s floor. Poor baby! I was holding Holden and in total shock, my sister whipped Emmy up, got her to the bathroom, stripped her down and held her hair like any good sorority girl would and took care of her. I felt terrible that everyone had been exposed and scooped her up and took her straight to the car.

She got sick one more time and then was fine the next day… We decided not to take her around any of the other kids on Christmas and, luckily didn’t, because she threw up at 4 and 10 on Christmas Day, but played great in between. The lovely virus was passed to Kristen’s kids, my mom, Tommy and a very mild version to me (I thankfully never got sick…just didn’t feel great). Somehow since my sister won the merit badge of super sister managed to make it out unscathed, thankfully. It was a different Christmas celebrating in shifts at Tommy’s parents, but we still had a great day and Emmy loved being able to play with all of her toys.

On Christmas morning, she loved her stocking and would get so excited and be so thankful for the gifts she opened. Her favorites from us were play doh, her pretend coffee maker and pretend toaster! Holden also had a few presents from Santa under the tree that I am sure he will like when he is older – a mobile for his crib, a tractor and a fire engine!


  1. It looks like you did a wonderful job of making memories. It is so hard to adjust to the changing seasons in life and a new baby brings a new season. I'm sorry to hear about this sickness. I'm glad y'all are feeling better.
    Your sweet new addition is adorable. Congratulations.

  2. I am impressed! Y'all did a lot more than I ever would have been able to do with a 1 month old. :) Drew threw up a few weeks ago for the first time too - was sick for about 12 hours. Trent (5 1/2 years old) has never thrown up - isn't that nuts?? Awesome but nuts!


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