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I have been wanting to get Emmy some children's songs to play in the car. I have XM radio, but it doesn't have a toddler station with sing-along songs. We listen to the Kidz Bop station which seems to appease her and lately I have been listening to Pandora's toddler tunes station, which she loves. The only downside of Pandora is that I don't want to use all my data streaming music into my car for someone under 2.

I decided I would just go onto to iTunes to download her some songs, but then I had this genius idea! I have Amazon Prime and they recently introduced Prime Music. So I went online and created a playlist of some songs she will love, downloaded the Prime Music app onto my phone, then went to the synced music on the app, and downloaded to my "device" from the Cloud. All for free (or the $90 annual fee I pay per year…however you want to look at it 😉.)

Anyway, I thought I would share this little nugget with all of my friends with Amazon Prime. Another fun thing was that I have apparently ordered some cds in the past from Amazon for gifts and the digital files of those are also available to sync to your phone.

Enjoy! Obviously this is not a paid endorsement (I wish it was), just something I thought would help my fellow moms (or friends who have Prime)!


  1. Awesome idea!!! Since moving out to South Texas I do so much of my everyday shopping on Amazon...I love it!! And when did it go up to $90 a year?? Goes to show how much I pay attention! Ha!


  2. You have always been so resourceful!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. I've been using the amazon prime music app. We've been listening to "The Top 30 Preschool Songs". I had no idea you could download them to your device. I have unlimited data (please, don't ever stop honoring the grandfather clause, AT&T), so I'm not too concerned about that, but it would be nice to have access to the songs w/o being connected. What album/songs is Emmy listening to on prime?

  4. Awesome!! I love Amazon Prime but I haven't started using Prime Music yet. I'm totally going to start for the kids, though!


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