Bumpdate 27 & 28 Weeks

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How far along: 28 Weeks. Can’t believe it is already the 3rd trimester! I am now on bi-weekly doctor’s appointments!

Total Weight Gain: 18 pounds. Le sigh. The copious amounts of sweets haven’t helped, I am sure.

Maternity Clothes: All pants, but I can get away with non-maternity dresses and some tanks that are non-maternity as long as they are super long.

Gender: Boy! We still haven’t changed the name we like, but it is still not “official.”  Today the ultrasound tech said she hadn’t had a patient with the name ever, so it is unique, but not super weird. You have heard of it for sure. Hint: It is somewhat literary.

Movement: So today at my ultrasound I finally figured out where he is located. I thought for sure he was diagonal, but he is apparently in a “C” shape or as Tommy kindly reminded me – the fetal position J. His head is to my lower right, spine wraps around my left side and feet are also at my right. I am not sure if he just isn’t as “busy” in the womb as Emmy was or if I just have too much other stuff going on that I can’t focus on his every movement. He is definitely moving and I can get him to move if I lay down. Just not as constant. Oh, and I forgot…about 4 weeks ago he started having hiccups, so I feel those at least 1-4 times a day!

Sleep: Up to go to the bathroom at least once a night. I had one night of awesome sleep with six straight uninterrupted hours. It was glorious.  Last week we went to Sonoma for my cousin’s wedding and I had an AWFUL night of sleep followed by a good one, followed by another early morning of travel. So all in all, I guess my sleeping is a wash. I still have had some pregnancy insomnia, so that is always fun.

Cravings: Last night I HAD TO HAVE these chicken tacos from a little restaurant by our house. There is nothing to them – just chicken and cheese on a corn tortilla, but nothing else would do. I have also had way too many sweets since they are around. I am basically an addict.

Symptoms: Whoa – have my feet started to swell. It is sad. My left side swells way more than my right, so it is quite a “look.”  I also have these weird skin splotches on my arms. It is apparently due to the amount of estrogen in my system. 

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Also, we have traveled the past few weekends, some for fun stuff (my cousin’s wedding in Sonoma) and some for not so fun stuff (my sweet Uncle passed away this week, so we took a very quick 11 hour road trip to see him), so I am traveled out and worn out with the early mornings.

Looking forward to: Making progress on the baby’s room, friends coming in town, birthday parties, cooler weather, showers to be thrown by me (and for me) and lots of fall activities with Emmy.  We have been doing so much fun stuff with her now that she is older and I want to her to have so many great experiences before her new baby brother gets here!

Best moments: I loved seeing the baby at the ultrasound today! With Emmy we never had another one after 19 weeks, so it was so fun to see him and what position he is in. Also, he has hair! Crazy!

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We had a wonderful time at my cousin’s wedding in Sonoma. She was a beautiful bride and it was nice to have amazing weather and get some quality time with all of my family.

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Big sister: Tommy had to go to the Texas Rangers game for work (tough gig since they are his favorite team) and he brought her back a hat (which she loves) and a little jersey. She told Tommy “No – Don’t want that.” Of which he said he would give it to baby brother. She didn’t like that either because she cried out “Nooooo” and had a little mini-fit. It was quite hilarious. Hmmm… this could be foreshadowing .

We also cleared the baby’s room of all of the things that were in it and she loves to go and roll around in “baby brother’s room.”

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  1. That picture of Emmy is just too adorable!! Precious!! You girls look beautiful at the wedding. I enjoyed all the updates. I'm sure Baby Boy is precious, too, but I've never been good at figuring out ultrasound pictures.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Look at that sweet girl in her baseball hat!! So adorable!! As usual you look amazing in your pics and I just love hearing about another friend having a BOY!! FINALLY!!!

    But my, oh, my your feet! I think you need a pedicure STAT! (Or at least in October :)

    And I am so sorry for the loss of your uncle. Life is so much harder when we lose those we love and hold so dear.

    Love, Jane

    (And why, my dear, are you posting this during Project Runway!?!?!? I will take this an a hormonal lapse in judgement. ;)

  3. Is it Tennyson!? Oh my gosh, is it Edward...ha ha! Kidding...who would say that is literary....here are my other guesses:

    Holden (it's holden, isn't it!?)

    Ooh, I am on the edge of my seat. You look wonderful!

  4. Ooooh I like Holden, too!! Name him that :) you look adorable mad I cannot believe you are in the 3rd trimester. Countdown time! Sorry about the cankles... Nothing is more glamorous than a cute preggo with chubby ankles ;) great excuse for lots of foot rubs and pedicures!

  5. LOVE Holden also!!! Hope to hear your reject names soon!

  6. Is his name Rhett?! We are constantly asked if our Rhett is named after Rhett Butler:).


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