Weekly (More like Monthly) Faves

Lots to love online this week/month. Here are a few of my favorites!

Is anyone else into the fox thing like I am? They are just so cute! I love this Foxy Mama baby shower board on The Celebration Shop. I am especially in love with those invites!

The Hollywood Housewife posted this travel bed she uses for her toddler. While we have no trips on the horizon, I thought this was a really affordable bed for a baby who is too large for a pack n play.


If you loved Nancy Drew as a kid, you will be in awe of this party featured on Love the Day. It is so darling and would be so fun to attend!

While my babushka birthday party ship has sailed (or has been stacked beneath another doll), I loved this really cute one featured on Kara’s Party Ideas.

Since it is cold outside, I think a hot chocolate bar is still in order for any upcoming party. I thought this article on how to style one on Infarrantly Creative was great!

That is it for my faves! I’d love to know any great ones you have come across! XO!


  1. I really like the travel bed. I just emailed Karen to ask if this would be a good choice for Parker when he is here. Just today she and I talked and decided that he has outgrown the Pak'n'Play. We were thinking of a twin air mattress, but this looks like it would be much better. Thanks for the timely suggestion.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I'm obsessed with foxes right now, too! Ha. I even bought my hubby fox pajama pants.

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