Emmy 15 months

Since I have completely slacked on monthly updates, I figured quarterly ones will work! Sweet Emmy has started developing quite the personality since she turned one! She is just the sweetest girl who loves to give hugs to her mama. She would definitely be the president of my fan club if I had one. Right now she is the only member. She wants me with her at all times…like all the time. (Which I admittedly love.)

She is currently going through a stage where she won’t let anyone hold her except me when I am around. I feel a little bad for my sweet friends and family. She is also at the stage where she is scared of loud noises and will come running to me for a hug as soon as she hears one. It is adorable. However, there are a lot of loud noises that we tune out!

Emmy’s vocabulary has started to come out! She can say a few words clearly – Jesus, cheese, mama, dada, ball, bye bye, bow, pizza, hot, socks and choos (shoes) and has nicknames for others – baba (bottle, which she asks for first thing when she gets up in the morning and probably requires a whole other post) and nana (banana), tank choo (thank you), tash (trash). She also is really good at repeating things and saying yes or no (usually accompanied by a violent head shake. Ha!) Emmy also communicates through sign language with the words more, please, all done and diaper. Another cute thing she has recently started is “singing.” She will hum and have a little melody while playing in her bed or in the back seat of the car. Adorable!

Clearly I have had a bow in this baby’s hair since she got out of the womb because the first thing she said to me this week when I went to get her out of her crib was “bow” and patted her head. Cracked me up!

I am just amazed at how much she knows at this age! I can say something like “bathroom” in passing and she will take my hand and lead me to the bathroom.

Emmy loves to dance and it is so darling. I especially think her dancing at church is heart melting! She loves to twirl and I am definitely thinking dance classes are in her future! She is also a baby dare devil who loves to climb ANYTHING, so I am not sure if gymnastics would be a good or bad idea…

As far as eating goes – baby girl loves herself a carb. She LOVES pizza. I can say it and she will get so excited. She will eat any fruit without hesitation. She loves Pirate’s Booty, cheese, tomatoes and Little Duck Organic fruits. All other foods are hit or miss.

Some highlights (or lowlights) over the past few months:

She had her first two fevers (a few months apart from each other). The first was just about a day and a low grade fever. Her second more recent one was two days and she was feeling pretty crummy. I hated that she was sick, but did get lots of extra cuddles. Luckily, she was great for Christmas. Both must have been viruses because she didn’t go to the doctor for either and recovered well.

In November, Emmy’s Nebraska cousins came to visit for Thanksgiving. Her cousin Bella is only 4 months older than her, so that had lots of fun playing together! However, she became hysterically territorial and would scream at the top of her lungs sound an alarm every time Bella got close if she had something she didn’t want to share.

Emmy has FINALLY just given in on the car seat and we can drive, for the most part, without fussing. We got a new convertible one and she is able to see out the back, so that helps. I have also succumbed to listening to KidzBop on my satellite radio. But I will do whatever it takes to drive without piercing screaming in that tiny enclosed space Winking smile.

In November we moved to one nap a day. I was sad to give the morning one up, but Emmy would take an awesome morning nap and never go down for the second for about a week, so we moved to one nap. It does make our days more fun since we can do so much more! We have been able to do more with our friends and cousins (trips to the Children’s museum, the park, the aquarium, the library and more).

One of Emmy’s most favorite things to do (much to my chagrin) is turn the faucet on and off. I tell her she can do this three times and she will pretend to count on her fingers like I am. The result of me taking her off of the counter typically is a full on crying fit. We are working on those. They happen a lot around here! We definitely have a baby who knows what she wants.

Emmy now has 11 teeth, wears 12-18 month clothes and size three diapers. On our home scale, she weighs about 22-23 pounds. We have her 15 month doctor’s visit this week, so I will know for sure then.

We love this sweet girl and can’t wait to see what the next three months have in store for us!


  1. Such a fun age!! I love all the sweet little words and singing. And I'm cracking up at her getting territorial with the toys! She definitely knows what she wants! Cutie pie :)

  2. Love the fifteen month update. Emmy is so precious, and you are a great little mom.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. I love that one of Emmy's first words is Jesus - how very sweet!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  4. That baby girl is just precious. It's amazing how fast they grow. I love it when P reaches for me and just wants me when we're out and about. Doesn't that just melt your mama-heart!? :)

  5. Such a cutie! Emmy and Hattie seem right on pace with each other..right down to the words! That must come with being days apart:). Hope to see you soon!


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