Emmy’s December

This is last month’s photo shoot picture that I didn’t include. It is amazing how long her hair has gotten! Tomorrow Emmy turns three months old!

She is very smiley this month. Here’s the first one I caught on camera. Cute girl!

Emmy is so much more alert and curious. She has really been looking at things like rattles, balls, other kids, etc. She loved watching all of her cousins play at Christmas. I think she felt like she was missing out.

Family Christmas pic. She looked cute in her Christmas dress.

Here she is wearing my Christmas dress from when I was her age (odd that we can make exact comparisons since we were born on the same day!) Obviously, she is way taller than I was -that or my mom had me in the shortest dress ever!

katie iphone pics 123112 014

Emmy rolled over from her tummy to her back this month. She did it twice in a row, but hasn’t had a repeat performance since then. Ha!

This is Emmy and her cousin Bella who is 4 months older than her. Amazing what a difference 4 months can make!

katie iphone pics 123112 015

Her current likes include:

Her newest Christmas toy from her Aunt Tori. She LOVES this!

She also loves to sit and watch other kids, still loving her play mat, she will sit in the bumbo or in my lap and let me read to her as well. I also will hold her and she will just stare in the mirror. And she still loves to look at fans and lights.

This month Emmy also got baptized into the Catholic church.

She was perfect and didn’t make a peep when her hair got wet either!

My sister and her husband are Emmy’s Godparents!

This month I also did a dry run of how it will be getting out of the house to get to work… I had my niece’s Christmas program at 8:30 in the morning the Thursday before Christmas. I had it all worked out. Emmy got up to eat around 4:30. I fed her, put her back down, got ready and woke her around 7:20. We ate, she pooped. I went to change her diaper – It.Was.EVERYWHERE. So we had an outfit change and I resigned myself to being a little late. I needed to go the bathroom before we left and the phone goes in the toilet. Now I am unable to call anyone to tell them I decided to just throw in the towel. So I go to the program, can’t find a parking spot and cry the entire time. I am sure the people there must have thought I was freaking nutso. I go to AT&T and they are able to get my phone to work again. Success! Then it goes completely black about an hour later. I go to Apple and they confirm the death of my phone. Luckily, I am up for a contract renewal, so I go to Walmart (since iPhone 5s are $77 cheaper there – go figure) and you will not believe this – the power is out. At Walmart. Seriously? I guess all is well that ends well, but it was definitely not my day.  Sigh. On the upside, she was in such a great mood and super sweet.

And just because these pics are super adorable (don’t worry – she was completely supervised), I had to share:

Emmy’s nicknames these days are – Emmers, Emmer Bemmers, Bemmers, and sweet girl.

I can’t wait to see what our next month brings!


  1. She is getting so big! I think I showed her Christmas card to everyone that came to my house! She is seriously like a baby doll! I just cannot get over her hair!

    And I have been meaning to call the church to see what I have to do about baptizing baby boy there. I wasn't sure if you had to be a member, etc.

  2. Look how big she is! I can hardly believe it! Pretty, pretty baby!

    Okay, how on earth does the power go out at Walmart?? What the heck!? Don't worry- you'll get the AM routine down! Happy New Year!

  3. She is so gorgeous, Katie!! Seriously! Your Christmas card was so amazing. Luke and I *might* have almost gotten in a fist fight over his insistence Emmy was wearing lip gloss...um, NO! She's just THAT beautiful!!

    Good luck getting your routine for work down. Just start to think of yourself as a really old person. You know, really, really old ones. Ones that have dinner for lunch and lunch for breakfast because they got up THAT early. And start to think of Emmy and potentially bad traffic. Sure, she could be great and you would get there early.......or........she could have a poopy/barfy incident that would leave poor Carter running for the hills. The one thing you can always know about kids and parenting, is that you just never know. (Like last weekend when we were flying to Da Nati and by the end of the flight I was semi covered with children's barf and needed a change of clothes. Luckily, (or maybe not so luckily) my kids were fine......it was another little girls' barf. Damn sitting by the bathroom. Just never know!)

    Oh! I got my first "spammy" comment; which is odd since I never blog; but I did!! I totally felt like I had arrived! Then I felt violated. I mean, I am not a male....and I am in no need of enhancing male type things. I will only privately bash my own poor eyesight and your "prove you aren't a robot" thing. To myself, though. Cause Luke needs reading glasses and if he hears that I can't see anything I will.never.hear.the.end.of.it.


  4. What a beautiful smile! She seems so happy!

    I'm impressed that you still decided to go to the program. I'm learning that things with a baby are never simple.

  5. Is today your first day back to work??

  6. Emmy's pictures are gorgeous!! I love the very first one in the red outfit. I'm sorry your first "dry-run" was so trying, but I'm proud of you for going to the program. At least it got you ready for all the "delays" that can possibly happen. CFhristening pictures are beautiful, and Allison and Kyle will be wonderful godparents.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  7. I was just about to request some pictures...you totally delivered! Sweet Em is beyond precious! They eyes, the sweet smile, and of course, the head full of hair that I'm jealous of. She melts my heart!!

  8. 1. Adorable photos and love that she's wearing your dress. :)
    2. Your day.. whoa.. haha.. It's funny, but it's not. You poor thing! Holy crazy! Better that it happened on that day rather than your first day back at work, I suppose but whoa! Power out at WalMart?! ha! Sheez.
    3. And happy baptism to little Emmy! :)


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