A Playroom Project

I am currently working on turning our office (which we seriously NEVER used) into a play room for Emmy. Mainly because my OCD gets all out of control when I see her toys all over my living room. (I am working on coping with this.)

I wanted a place to hang her artwork on the wall (I really plan ahead), and saw some really cute pinterest corkboard makeovers, so I enlisted my mom (who really did all the work) to help me.

So here is our before:

iphone pics 12013 032

We then took adhesive spray and sprayed the cork, placed the linen fabric over it and took upholstery tacks and started in the four corners.

iphone pics 12013 034

And, ta-da!

iphone pics 12013 061

Because my tutorial is pretty lame, here is the one we went off of from two twenty one. I will say, I liked using a solid fabric because it leaves you a little room for error. Which, let’s be honest, when it comes to a craft project, I need a little room.

I am still in the process of looking for a media center/storage for her toys, but here is the new rug I got from Overstock (they sell the same one at Home Decorators for twice the price) and the table my inlaws got Emmy for Christmas. Iris’s mother-in-law painted it and it has a chalkboard top. I just LOVE it!

iphone pics 12013 062

As per the usual, the pics were taken with my phone. But we are operating on a slim time margin around here!


  1. Cute! My next house must have a playroom.

  2. cute!! we worked all weekend on moving the old playroom to the new playroom to make a bedroom for baby boy!
    i really need something for H's artwork. my fridge looks like 20 kids posted on it! love your artwork idea!!

  3. You crack me up with the planning ahead. But you'll be glad you have a space once the toys REALLY start to get out of control! Love the cork board!

  4. What a great idea for the chalkboard top, and what a fabulous job on the cork board. That is incredible, and trust me, I'd be a little crazy too with toys everywhere. Having her own little room will be perfect. :)

  5. So cute! Can't wait to see the finished room.

  6. Hi there -- great job on the cork board! I've seen those on pinterest as well and can't wait until we have a house so that I can make one for my "craft space" haha. Cheers!

  7. I love the table! It is adorable!

  8. That table and chairs is adorable and such a cute idea with the chalkboard top!


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