38 Week Bumpdate

So my computer has officially died. This is all being posted from my phone, so I hope this works!
How Far Along: 38 Weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 20 pounds. However, I have been STARVING, so who knows!
Gender: It's a girl!
Movement: She loves to move and she really loves it when I am eating. Ha! (You will detect a theme in this post.)
Sleep: I was up and down and up and down all nights throughout the weekend, but had a 5 hour stretch last night, so that was great.
I think Carter is sensing that the baby is coming because he comes to my side of the bed in the middle of the night and does the most pathetic (yet cute) whine for me to pet him. He is also sleeping part of the night on my side of the bed and then will move to his pad on Tommy's side. Poor little guy.
Maternity Clothes: Basically, all maternity except for dresses and some tops. Remember when I thought I could get away with no maternity wear? Bhaaahaa!!!!
Symptoms: Um, can you develop motion sickness while pregnant? And you are the one driving? Because, yeah, I think I have that.
I may have startled the pregnancy waddle. So help me. It's usually only after I've been sitting so maybe that's excusable.
Also, I went to the doctor on Thursday and when he checked me he said I was still dilated to a one and 50% effaced (not a 3 and 75% like the nurse at the hospital told me) like the week prior. So obviously "checking" is a very exact science and is to be trusted. 
Aversions: I am really just not that into vegetables (luckily, fruit rings my bell). Fried food still really does nothing for me.
Cravings: Sushi, pizza (still haven't had any yet but have lots of opportunities to this week), sweets, sweets and more sweets. Iris is having us over for dinner tonight and I made these Ghiradelli Brownie S'mores for dessert and I won't lie when I say I have been looking forward to them all day.
Best Moment this week: Hearing her heart beat, of course. Also, I am just being real here, but my niece had her third birthday party this past weekend (which was adorable and I cannot wait to show you all pictures) and one of the highlights was the Great American Cookie cake - like huge highlight.

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  1. What is UP with dead computers?? So annoying.

    You look fantastic! Hopefully you can get some good sleep in the upcoming weeks! And I think Carter is going to be such a great big doggie brother!

  2. You are so stink in cute Katie! Hopefully not too much longer! My sister is having her's this week...they moved her due date up a week. :)

  3. When you hadn't posted this morning, I thought for sure you'd had her! And it would have been on my bday!

    You look BEAUTIFUL! And your hair is awesome. I am still waiting for that whole beautiful, shiny hair thing to kick in on this pregnancy. Anyway! I can't wait for you!!! Also, I am only 23 weeks, and I already have the waddle. I am convinced it is because the baby is so low or because I am still running...probably neither. Anyway! I feel your pain!

  4. Carter is such a sweet little puppy!!! I think Emmy just might make him come right out of his shell!! Adorable!

    As usual, you look fantastic! And I will spare you the "get your rest now because once the baby comes...." comments because not only are they annoying, they are simply untrue. Carter is proving more and more that he could be a valuable babysitter. I mean, he is what? 40? 37? 50? He's basically a grandparent in case you need the night off!


  5. You are so cute! You look like you're holding a little ball under your shirt!

  6. You are like, the cutest pregnant person ever! You look awesome! Glad Emmy's still hanging out and doing well!

  7. I would probably have to throat-punch that nurse. You don't get someone's hopes up like that!! Well, not mine at least:). I've been ready for some time now...nothing! You look great and should have 10 babies! So excited to meet sweet Emmy!

  8. Hi, Katie,
    I did read the update and post a message yesterday, but I got an "error" message of some kind. Anyway, you look adorable, and the only place you have gained weight is in your bump!! You are amazing!!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  9. Still eating on the brownies! They are so yummy. So glad we got to visit.
    ~ iris

  10. You and your bump are absolutely beautiful! I hope to only gain 20lbs someday when I'm preggo! You're just gorgeous, friend!

  11. So sad your computer died:( You're looking awesome, and I meant to tell you how cute her nursery turned out, but pretty sure I never got around to actually commenting on that post:)

  12. You look amazing Katie...
    It has been so fun reading about your journey :)

  13. You look so amazing!! And I just can't believe it...she will be here so soon!! (And I'm just your blog reader! I'm sure you just can't believe it.) So exciting!

  14. Happy birthday!!! I hope that an absence of week 39 bump date means you're a new mommy!!! Can't wait to hear!


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