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My husband and I have embarked on a 2 year home renovation project. We never intended it to take this long but when you live in a 70 year old home, nothing is easy. Apparently, back in the day people washed dishes by hand, as I have for the past two years. (It is terrible, honestly, terrible). My friend Megan used to tell me how much she hated doing dishes, I really felt no sympathy for her. I thought it was as easy as just putting a dish in the dishwasher and taking it out. I didn't realize that she hated doing dishes by hand...that was a foreign concept to me! Well, now I know how bad it is.

But now, after two years, my kitchen is finally complete. I have a brand new dishwasher, installed and ready to use tomorrow after the epoxy dries on the countertop. I seriously cannot wait to do dishes. I may even start to cook. Probably not, but at least there is a chance!

Unfortunately, doing dishes was not as easy as getting a new dishwasher. We had to have a cabinet built, as our previous non-working dishwasher was portable. (Who knew)! So, while we were getting our new dishwasher built we got our cabinets refaced and they look fabulous!

Here are our cabinets before:

Yes, those are our hinges completely exposed and a scalloped design above the sink. Nice.

Here are our cabinets now:

Sooo much better. These actually have rolling drawers! Our cabinet guy is just wonderful! In our living room, we have an arched doorway and he even replicated the arch over the sink. Love it!


  1. I am currently in the same situation (no dishwasher), and I finally said “NO MORE WASHING DISHES BY HAND!” We also have TILED countertops – yes I said TILE (small tile 1x1in) which has disgusting stains in all the grout- dah. Whoever made that decision before we moved in was obviously not a cook! We want to do the BIG remodel (tearing down wall for open layout, dishwasher, countertops, cabinets). BUT that's $30-50K so we have to wait 5 years. BUT I STILL WANT A DISHWASHER & want to get rid of the disgusting stained gross tiled countertop! SOOO, we decided to opt for a cheap remodel that would last 5 years- to us this is a value b/c washing dishes all the time is a NIGHTMARE and the countertops are embarrassingly gross. We decided to sand down & PAINT the existing oak cabinets, change the hardware knobs, install a countertop, backsplash, and of course a dishwasher.! And, since we have a small kitchen and do not have the open layout we eventually want, we decided to build a bay-window-seating-area to make up for the lack of "hang out" area in our kitchen. And, by doing MOST of this work ourselves, we are spending only about $3500. $3500 for 5 years, and NO MORE WASHING DISHES, and no gross countertop--- yes that is ok with me! By the way, your kitchen looks great! Its amazing how the hardware knobs and hinges made such a difference. I also love the changes you made to the arch over the countertop. Looks fantastic!


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