New Business Launch!

I am really excited because I have been helping one of my clients build her business from the ground up! She is a very talented jewelry designer and while talking to her I realized how many niches in the marketplace she can fill! Anyway, I am still working out the kinks on her website but I wanted to show off her cool stuff that she can do:

These are the bouquet jewels that she can create.

Here they are in the bouquet. So cute!!! And, so reasonable! She sells 10 for only $9.95. Love them!

Kathy also is big into recycling jewelry. I love her Heirloom Collection. What is even cooler is that she took pictures of the "before and afters" so you can see how her jewelry has transformed. So cool! Here are some pictures of her "afters."

She also has a whole portfolio of her custom jewelry and does party hosting! Enjoy looking:


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