Jack O' Lantern Flower Arrangement

I had a thought to make a jack o’ lantern out of roses and came up with this little arrangement.

If you feel intimidated by flowers, but want to try your hand at one, this is the arrangement to try! It is literally impossible to mess up. 

I have a video tutorial below, but I picked up a clear plant container (I think that is what is called) from Dollar Tree and filled it with water. I added a dozen orange roses to the container and cut the stems super short – about an inch to an inch and a half - and just had them float in the container. I just google searched a jack o’lantern and printed it on card stock and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth and then just made a green stem from construction paper and laid it on top of the arrangement. Super simple.

The great thing about this arrangement is that it lasts forever!

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