How to Make a Gift Basket

I absolutely LOVE getting a gift basket as a gift! It is like a million little surprises all in one package. 

It is also way simpler to make than you think.The secret is - get the right container and use something at the bottom to add some height. In this instance, I used diapers, but I have just used crunched up paper before and covered it with tissue paper.  

Here's a quick video of how I did it:

I love to get gifts of varying sizes and heights, but it is important to get one thing that is super tall - in this case the bottle brush. I always stick in the very back as the height and then fill in around it. Another important item to have is tissue paper.  You just can use it to fill in the space in between items. Sometimes I even cut it in half so that you can have smaller pieces sticking out. 

This present is for my sister-in-law who just had her fourth girl!  She had all of the necessities, so I wanted to get her some fun new things that all babies need. I have included links below (the amazon are affiliate, but the rest are just for your reference).  I love how this turned out! She was a super fan, too! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Basket  - This basket is seriously so adorable in person! It is perfect for a nursery!

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue

NumNum Pre-Spoon Gootensil - This is my go-to baby gift for new moms. I loved these things for teaching my kids to use a spoon. It is so much easier for them to get motor control of dipping, so they can self feed so much earlier. Love, love, love them!

Fisher-Price Coffee Cup Teether - I mean, how cute is this coffee cup teether? For all of the Starbucks moms out there!

Fisher-Price Musical Smart Phone - This phone also has little buttons on it that make noise.

Floral Onesie (upper right) -  I have gotten so many baby gifts from the Trendy Cactus Etsy Shop and everything has been so adorable!

"Rabbit" Teether and Denim Polka Dot Hair Turban - I got these from a local shop I started following on Instagram and thought her designs were all super cute!

Floral, Heart, Polka Dot and Plain Onesies  - Y'all, these were a steal! All four onesies were only $10 and my sister had the great idea to get them monogrammed. But thought they turned out soooo adorable and custom! I am in love!

I would love to know your favorite gift ideas or themed baskets you would like to see! XO! Thanks for reading!

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  1. So adorable. I would to receive something like that!

  2. My brain may not be functioning yet this morning...who do you use for monogramming? I just spent way too much money getting two things done and I'm so disappointed in the quality. I need someone else!


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