Bundt Cake Flower Arrangement Hostess Gift

I love this cake because it also does double duty as a hostess gift. My friend  had us over for dinner the other night and I told her I would bring dessert.

I made a quick bundt cake (from a box…because I am no Betty Crocker), but did whip up a homemade cream cheese frosting. I iced the outside of the bundt cake and left the center un-iced so that I could put a small flower arrangement in it that I could leave with Megan after our dinner was over as a “thank you” for having us. I had some extra flowers from the @flora.and.field girls and just put it in a small jelly jar sized vase and grabbed some hostas and some purple salvia from my yard to add a little extra to it!

I have a video below, but let it be known, I will probably be asking my children to video for me before I ask my husband to ever again. Haaaaaa. (Though he may have done this on purpose….Hmmm.) But I did want you to get a good idea of how easy it was to stick a tiny vase in the middle of the cake.

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