Since we last talked...

Soooo...I apparently forgot I had a blog. Ha. Here's what we have been up to since 2016!

We had a great Christmas season. It's my absolute most favorite time of the year and both kids were so into it this year! (Well, Holden, 2,  as much as he could be.) They both loved Christmas music and Emmy, 4,  LOVED decorating the tree. So much so, that she decorated my big tree, her little tree, SueSue's tree and Mimi's tree. Maybe I have a little interior designer on my hands.  Ha.

We literally packed every Christmas tradition into the month. Literally every one. Ha.

We spent almost all of our time with our cousins, which is always so super fun. Emmy and the girls decorated gingerbread houses. 

Emmy may really one day be Clark Griswold. She loves Christmas so much. 

We met Santa. Except for Holden. He's super NOT into any character of any kind. Still.

Went to the Philbrook gardens.

We made cookies for Santa.  

Made Christmas doll houses.

Made Christmas ornaments. 

 Went to the German American Society's Kristkindl Market. 

 Met a Yeti at Bristow's Christmas Unwrapped. 

Not pictured: the multiple times we went to look at Christmas lights and Emmy's sweet Christmas performance at school. :)

These pics were taken on Christmas Eve. Ha. We might have overdone it. Lol.
Actually, in the pic above, Holden had his second ear infection within a few weeks...I will get to that part of the story in another post.

And Christmas morning, Santa arrived and left the gifts under the kids' tree!

We celebrated on Christmas day with my inlaws (and mom and sister's family came, too) then we celebrated again on the 26th with my mom. 

I absolutely love this time of year and am so glad my kids share my enthusiasm for it as well.

I will do a few posts to catch up to today! 


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