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I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but three out of five of my inlaws are eye doctors.  Around Christmas I kept noticing that Emmy was blinking a lot, so my sister-in-law said that my brother-in-law should really check out Emmy's eyes.  Sure enough, Emmy has a bad astigmatism and is very far-sighted. She was not at all excited about the glasses.  Like at all. But has come a long way and wears them daily now.  (If you are looking for a local eye doctor, my brother-in-law was awesome with her.)

To get her excited about glasses, I did get her a few things and would recommend this to anyone with a girl getting glasses. They definitely didn't get her excited, but I think the books helped a lot!

Bought her matching doll glasses on Amazon:

I also got her a doll that wore glasses. She honestly couldn't have cared less about the doll, but gave them to her on the day her glasses came in.

Another piece of advice I have is if you can, get another pair of glasses. We already had her break a pair and it was nice to have a second pair while they were fixing them.  Granted, I got a good deal since I am related to the eye doctor, so that may not be a feasible option depending on the glasses your child needs.

Emmy also started dance this spring. I like that her class is a mix of jazz, hip hop and gymnastics. She some days says she loves it and others doesn't, so we will see if we pick it back up again in the fall. 

On the other hand, this little guy LOVES soccer. I am not even kidding you. He is so athletic. He goes to Soccer City once a week and it is the highlight for sure. He talks about it, wants to wear his "soccer clothes" all the time and even loves to kick the balls at home. It really is so cute!

At soccer, they give the kids stamps when they are finished with their Little Kickers Class. Holden and Emmy tried to recreate that at home.  The price you pay for a little peace. Haaa!

We also took Holden and Emmy to bowl for the first time on a rainy, cold Saturday. They both had fun, but Emmy lost interest after about 30 minutes, but this boy didn't want to stop. Give him a ball (or a tv show) and he's happy. 

A big first for Emmy is she had her first sleepover at our house with her cousin! Tatum and Emmy play so amazingly well together. Tatum is so sweet and easy-going and always lets Emmy be the mommy. Ha.  Love their sweet imaginations.  Emmy says her one wish is that Tatum could be her real sister. How sweet is that?

This fall, Holden had ear infection after ear infection - three in six weeks. He gradually went from being such a sweet child to the.crankiest.child.ever. Even when he didn't have an ear infection.  We were referred to the ENT and he hadn't had an ear infection in a few weeks. So many people said to try the chiropractic route, and if I am being totally honest, ain't nobody got time for that. (Too many appointments per week, etc.)  Anyway, we decided to go ahead and do the surgery. 

He is honestly a changed child.  He still has his two-year old fits, but is sooooooo much sweeter and happier. Right after the surgery, the doctor came in and told me that Holden had so much yellow gunky fluid in his ears that he had to vacuum it out and his adenoids were so enlarged. So, all in all, glad we had it done!

Emmy and Tommy went skiing again around Spring Break with his family.  Emmy went to ski school and had a blast with her cousins.  At the time they made arrangements for the trip, Holden was seriously so cranky and wouldn't wear a coat, so I decided it would be easier to stay home with him. In retrospect, I think he would have done fine since he was feeling so much better. There's always next year. Ha.

Other than that, the kids are enjoying the spring!

Emmy and Holden also went to meet Peppa this weekend. Emmy and Tatum were huge fans (though Tatum broke the news to Emmy that it was just a person dressed up as Peppa - haaaa), Holden didn't want anywhere near her!

Hope to be better about posting now that we are all caught up!


  1. Yay I love the update! I am about 2 months behind on mine and am so overwhelmed by catching up that I am avoiding it now :(


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