New Years Eve

This New Year's Eve was a little more fun and festive than those from the past few years. It actually involved going somewhere and getting dressed up!  Tommy's cousin, who has become a good friend of mine, got married on New Years Eve at the Philbrook. Emmy was a flower girl and I came out of floral retirement to do her flowers.  I loved doing flowers again, loved it, but I am not interested in getting back into the business. That's a lot of hard work. My mom and my former floral partner and Maria's family helped a  ton.  The wedding didn't start until 7, which is around when Holden normally goes to bed, so we left him home for this one.  The kids had a great time dancing! Emmy is my night owl (and still early riser) and loves to have a good time with her cousins!

 Here are some pics from the night:

 The bouquet was as big as me.  Haaa! It definitely fits Maria's personality - go big or go home. Ha!

It was so fun to work with Brenna again. The floral bouquets for the tables were as big as us!

Emmy as a flower girl. 

So you can see the proportion of the bouquet with her dress. 

 The Philbrook still had up their handmade paper snowflakes and was gorgeous.

Also, for helping with the flowers, Maria got my hair done with her girls. OMG. I loved it. I have now invested a small fortune on curling wands, hair curling spray, hair spray, a hair glove so my hands don't get burned. Ha. 

I was seriously in love with my hair. For the record, I have literally had the exact same hair style since I was born. (Minus the awful bowl cut my mom gave me when I cut my own hair AND the bags. Ugh.) 

It really was a great way to ring in the New Year!


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