Happy Halloween

Emmy dressed up as Ladybug Girl this Halloween and was just darling! She was so excited to tell people she was going to be a ladybug! Also nice is that the costume was super simple. Between my sister and I, we had everything on hand!

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One of the cutest things she did is when I told her we were going to another house to get candy she told me, “I already have some.” Ha!! She does have an inner sweet tooth like her mom. But after one mini-Twix she was ready to call it a day.  Ha! Smile

For those of you looking for some cute books for girls, Emmy loves the Ladybug Girl series. (And there is a Bumblebee Boy series that just came out for boys!)

Hope you all had a great Halloween!


  1. So cute! June loves those books :)

  2. She is just about the cutest ladybug I have EVER seen!!! She is just so adorable, Katie!! I miss her sweet, little voice! After I got back from seeing you & chatting with Bennett, and man, her language is amazing! Bennett has a huge vocabulary & chatters a ton, but her sentence structure & vocabulary are just amazing!!! Night & day she communicates so incredibly well; I can't believe she is ONLY 2! Smart and beautiful....what a combo!!!


  3. I love all those sweet comments about Emmy from Jane. I know Emmy is so smart and adorable!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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