Bumpdate Weeks 31 & 32

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How far along: 32 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 21 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Maternity and dresses one size up.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: I am starting to see a little pattern with his movements. He is definitely most alert around 10ish in the morning and moves the most then. He has had some days where he moves a ton at times, though, in the past two weeks.

Sleep: It has gotten a little better this past week. I have been able to go back to sleep when I get up to go to the bathroom (which is now twice a night).  The week before last I was up for at least an hour each night.

Cravings: Pumpkin anything! I also have a bit of a tootsie roll thing going on.

Symptoms: Same as previously. I also have had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. Back aches. It helps to not carry Emmy…which I still do, but between the baby weight and Emmy, that is like 50 extra pounds I am hauling.

Looking forward to: Celebrating this baby with friends and family! Getting his room set up!

Best moments: We had an ultrasound this week and it is so fun to see him and know his position! He is head down and has his feet on my upper right side. He is a lot less under my rib then Emmy was. He is estimated to weigh about 4.4 pounds, which sounded huge to me. But I guess is in the median weight. The ultrasound tech also commented again on his hair!

Big sister: The baby will push his little foot out on my side and I have asked Emmy if she wants to feel his foot. She will try to look under my shirt and ask me to see it. Ha! We got her several big sister books for her birthday and she loves to read those, especially the book Mother’s Lap. (We also got her The New Baby and I’m A Big Sister, which she really likes as well.)

When asked what she wants to do when Baby Brother gets her, she will respond with “Take a Bath.” I guess she is excited about having him in her tub!

She will also sometime gently pat my stomach, which is sweet.

Question: So with Emmy we had a bassinet in our room that my sister let me borrow. The mattress of it had a plastic liner, so it would wake her up pretty easily and I really couldn’t sleep with her in here, so within 2 weeks she was in her own room. I am not sure how that will go this time, so I wanted to know what you all recommend for the baby sleeping in your room. I don’t particularly want to use the plastic sounding bassinet, and would prefer to keep the baby flat on his back because I don’t want to go with the weaning of the elevated Rock N Play. Soo…..what do you recommend? Different bassinet, pack n play, something I have never heard of?! Thanks for your help!!


  1. We have a bassinet from target that I think was Carter's or fisher price brand that we really like. I went to the website and don't see it though : (

  2. You look so amazing!! I can't wait to see you and sweet Emmy (and hug that belly)!!

    We had a pack and play with a newborn attachment that we used with both of the boys. We kept them inout room until they were about 3 months....not because I was so attached or couldn't stand them being far away. No, I'm the awesome mom that kept them in my room because I was too lazy to climb three flights of stairs every time the little prince needed something. We still used a noise maker and kept a fan on so maybe that helped?

    I am so excited to see you in a few days!!!!


  3. We used a pack n play with June and are doing the same with James. But James grunts a lot in his sleep so I don't know how much longer he'll be in our room!

  4. Would a nice cloth mattress pad work as a replacement for the plastic pad that causes noise problems? Or maybe put the cloth pad on top of the plastic one? I love your updates, and I know Emmy is going to be the best big sister.
    Love you, Aunt Angie

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  6. Awe, Katie! You look so cute, and this pregnancy is going by so fast for me:). We always used a pack n play in our room. I'd used the attached bassinet thing for a while and then move on to just laying them in the bottom of it. Never had a problem! We need to get the girls together for real! I think they will love each other at this stage. Hattie doesn't really know anyone her size:).

  7. I cannot believe how far along you are! So close!!

    I have no words of wisdom. I am currently drowning myself in coffee after basically being up all.night.long with Beckett. 4 month sleep regression, whaaaattt??? Anyway, he has been in the rock n play, which I love (and he has loved), but I have gone through a number of stress outs over how to wean him to laying flat. And honestly, that was all for nothing. He lays and sleeps flat just fine- for half the night on our bed. And in his crib for a sweet little 30 minute cat nap (sarcasm). But I feel you on this, because I have been trying to just have him sleep in the pack n play (also currently in our room), but I think it's noisy, too! And there's not even a plastic lining, it's just the mattress! But I have seen little bassinets that lay flat and look cozy. I would even see if you could take off that plastic portion and use another sheet or blanket on it, so maybe you won't have to buy anything?? Good luck. Also- WHAT IS HIS NAME???? I demand to know- since, you know- I never told anyone my kids' names. ;)

  8. I used a Moses basket for my son which had a softer padding than the plastic, but my daughter had BAD reflux so the Moses basket didn't work, and I LOVED the rock 'n play. I really had no trouble transitioning her into her crib (I just elevated her mattress for a few weeks but she was still swaddled), and if we have a 3rd (that's the plan) I will use the rock 'n play again with no question. It really was a fantastic piece of equipment!


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