More Favorites

Now that my little pumpkin is awake more often, we have some new favorite things around here that I thought I would share!

Emmy loves, loves, loves her play mat. It entertains her for a good half hour at a time and I consider that a huge success.  Also entertaining is the fan in our room, but whatever makes her happy :).

Emmy also loves to look at herself in the mirror. I got this Sassy mirror at Babies R Us. I liked that the mirror doesn’t really distort the image so she is able to see more clearly. Tommy thinks it isn’t sturdy enough, but what can you expect from a baby mirror?

When I was looking up activities to do with your baby, I came across the suggestion of having them look at black and white images. Oh my! It is so fun to see her eyes focus. I got her these cards off of Amazon, but honestly, you could probably just print some black and white images and show them to your baby. These are high quality and super thick, but there are only 6 in box. I do prop them up on her play mat, so I guess there’s that.

I have been reading (well, trying to read) lots of books on babies brain development, games to play and infant massage. I will let you guys know what I like as soon as I get through them (likely when she is 2 years old). 

For those of you wondering about the infant massage, she likes the massage in this video at the 30 second mark and I use some of these techniques on her as well.

For other new moms, another article that I have found to be helpful is this one about schedules. I don’t follow this religiously by any stretch of the imagination, but I have found it really helpful in identifying why Emmy might be crying. If we follow this routine of eat, play, sleep, I have a better idea of why she is crying.

More soon – along with some pictures! I cannot believe my little angel is already 6 weeks old!


  1. Way to go mom! At 6 weeks I could barely keep my eyes open!! Ss loved the cards too. Now she tries to eat them.
    I bet she will continue to love that mirror! Babes are so vain!! Xxoo

  2. You continue to be resourceful and creative!! I can't wait to see all of you next week . . . especially Emmy!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. You sound like you're adjusting so well! I hope I will be too at 6 weeks postpartem (and if not, I'm emailing you for advice haha!)


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