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Um, can we sum up my experience as a mom in one word? Why yes – it is naïve. I seriously thought I would get things done – like that closet in my game room, it was going to be so organized while I was out on maternity leave; I was going to have her baby book written and up to date; I would blog every little detail of her life. Let’s be honest – I am lucky to get a shower each day. I seriously feel like I should get a merit badge if I actually get myself showered, her ready and get out the door by 11 to meet someone for lunch. I guess I will be paid in smiles, which are seriously adorable. My time hasn’t totally been wasted, though, I have caught up on my DVR’d shows (I have watched 28 back episodes of House Hunters) and I am well-versed in what everyone is up to on Facebook.

Another naïve thought was that I wouldn’t have “mommy brain.” First, I thought that was fake. Yeah. It totally isn’t. Things that I have done (and these are just today) – put my hand in my hot coffee thinking it was the dry cereal I was eating (because it only takes one hand!), gone to the grocery store with the equivalent of “something about Mary hair” since she spit up in it and I had no idea, and I left the hot water running for 15 minutes since I left the room and totally forgot it was on. On the upside, I now have an excuse for any ditzy behavior!

Emmy is seriously so cute, though, and totally worth the side-effects :).

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Since this post is going to be a catch-all in things that I have been up to, I have to share that my inner child is now finally at peace. I got my very own American Girl doll!!!!

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My whole life I wanted a Samantha doll because she looked like me as a child, but never got one because…well, I was 33 years old. However, now that I have a girl, I considered getting one…you know – for the baby. Before I actually had time to get one, though, my aunt and uncle surprised me with Samantha! I was seriously so excited. It was like Christmas morning and I can’t wait to buy clothes for her, get the Samantha books and you know let “Emmy” play with her. It was definitely one of the top 5 surprises in my life. I have seriously been obsessed since I was a child. I even texted Janie a few weeks ago when I got the American Girl catalog in the mail with the words, “How did they know I had a girl?” Ha! As some of you may know, Samantha is also retired, so you can’t get her in the store anymore, so she is basically a collector’s item!

My little girl will turn 2 months this week (where has the time gone???), so expect a two-month post soon. She has had so many fun things happen this month (like smiling!) to fill you all in on. Today she has her 2 month shots. I hope they are worse for me than they are for her. (I have already had sympathy pains for her!) I have declared today pajama day and plan to just hang out with my sweet girl.

Hope you are all doing well!


  1. Love her pics!! And so funny...I always wanted Samantha too...I loved her brown hair and that was my pretend name I always played as a child...my mom got her for me a couple of years ago! I felt so complete...I am pretty sure she was on my Christmas list for years :)

  2. Even though you're feeling frazzled, you still make me so excited for my maternity leave with Preslee! :)
    And guess what? I got a Samantha doll when I was young and when I was unpacking boxes the other weekend I found her and all her stuff! I was so excited that I could pass her down to Preslie now! Samantha has a trunk, two outfits, a nightgown and a brass bed. FUN!!!
    BTW: Emmy is so adorable. I could just eat her up!

  3. And I just spelled my own daughter's name wrong...Nice job Kaysie.

  4. She is seriously gorgeous!! And I can TOTALLY relate to being so naive about parenting. You are not alone there! My dad laughs at me all the time because I "thought it would be so easy" :)

  5. That gingerbread outfit is insane. I adore it! I think all of us were naive as first timers!! I want to teach a class at the hospital called "All your thoughts about being on maternity leave are wrong."

  6. Pajama days are the best. I was so niave before I had kids and also felt lucky to have gotten in a shower. It will get better and you will get a routine. She is beautiful. Good luck with shots. It is never easy.

  7. She is THE cutest thing EVER! Ok... so we SERIOUSLY have to plan this dinner. I can even do lunch one day if you are free! I just want to hold that sweet girl!
    And prego brain... it. never. goes. away. and only gets worse the second time around. Geesh!

  8. I love this post, Katie!! I am so glad that you love Samantha, and I received your very sweet Thank You note today. That makes me happy that we could make you so happy!! I've already told several people that will probably be one of the highligts of this Chrismas season because I could see that you and Allison were totally surprised!! I will have to send the pictures that Uncle Ron took of you and Allison and your new dolls - very cute!! Speaking of dolls, your Emmy is absolutely precious!!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  9. Oh my heavens, Katie!!! Emmy is just a little, teeny doll baby!!! I just LOVE all that hair! I just want to eat her up! And that gingerbread shirt? Die. I mean, just O.V.E.R!

    Any WHY is it that even though they are little, tiny people it takes so freaking long to get out of the house?? I swear. And why is it, that there is a microchip in their brains that says "Oh, I've just been buckled in my car set...now is a good time to poop up my back I think"?

    And congratulations again on Samantha. I really couldn't have been happier for you and your seven year old self.


  10. Love this post! Oh, the days of smelling like spit up! It's such an emotional journey huh?! You are both so stinking beautiful!

    Haha....My actual 7 year old self has a portrait with her Samantha doll...and don't kid yourself I was more than thrilled when I unpacked her at my mom's and found all of her fun accessories! Congrats ;0)


  11. I so wish I could tell you that 2 years from now your house will be sparkling clean and organized and your memory will be razor sharp again. Sadly I sometimes forget who I'm talking to on the phone, 30 seconds in. Oy.

    That baby of yours- beyond adorable!! Love love love her hair!

  12. Gosh she is SO cute!!! And I love your doll...fantastic! Admittedly, I kinda want one too, so I feel ya. Emmy is smiling now?!! Eeeee!! PHOTOS!! I can't even imagine how demanding motherhood is, but you look freaking fabulous..even if you are sticking your hand in hot coffee (glad you're okay!)

  13. She is SO stinkin CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I felt the exact same way while I was on maternity leave. And still do. My goodness, mommy brain has taken over my life. I constantly feel behind on everything. I forgot Ty's nephew's birthday and feel awful about it. Basically, if it doesn't have to do with Jack's schedule or breastfeeding, then it doesn't even cross my mind. There is no room left in there. I hope this gets better as he ages. :)

  15. Emmy is two months? Wow, you aren't kidding about the time just flying by! She is as adorable as can be!! I love that you got an American Girl doll. I just bought my niece a gift card since she's going to the store in January. I know she'll have a field day....I probably would too! :) BTW - thanks for the sweet comments on our little boy, Cayman. We sure do miss him terribly. xo

  16. I have been waiting for a new post!!! Even though I get to see her in person I love to see new pictures too. Your aunt is too sweet and so thoughtful...Samantha!!!!!!!!! I think I would be Molly (I wore glasses dark hair blue eyes).
    Xoxo I

  17. Mommy brain never ends!!!!!

    She is SO precious!!! i still want to come meet her and visit soon!

  18. Katie, you crack me up!! Emmy is precious! And I'm so glad you got a Samantha doll! I have Kristin and my sister has Samantha and Molly. They are amazing, though it will be a long time before Grace can play with mine.


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