My Baby Must-Haves

So I am be no means an expert on babies. Actually, quite the opposite (obvs – see yesterday’s post), but I did always love to read what mom’s loved for their babies. Here are my favorite things thus far.

If you are nursing/pumping, you MUST get this bra. I used to laugh when I saw the photos of the ladies typing on their computer while pumping. I thought that was just ridiculous. Well, those ladies are smart. It is sometimes the only time I can get anything done and it has been probably my favorite purchase so far.

I have saved my changing pad cover so many times with these Boppy Pad Liners. Instead of changing your entire changing pad when it gets dirty, you can just change out these liners. I love them.

The Summer Infant Swaddle Me blankets work best for us. I love my Aden and Anais blankets for using to cover her up, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get those to swaddle. These are for parents like myself who need the swaddle made as simple as possible due to lack of coordination.

When Emmy still had her umbilical cord, this foam pad was such a great way to give her a sponge bath. I am still using it since we don’t bathe her every day, but I do try to wash her hair daily. I lay her on it and wash her face and lay her back on it once her hair is washed without getting everything else all wet.

The Baby Connect App is another must-have. I use this all the time to keep track of how many diapers she has had and when she last ate. It actually keeps track of the totals of everything. In three weeks (just since we have been home from the hospital since they tracked everything there), she has had 228 dirty diapers, nursed for 60 + hours and had 31 bottles. That’s a lot of stats. And a lot of time spent feeding her. Wow. I couldn’t live without it!

My other go-to app is my white noise app on my phone. It will calm her pretty quickly. I also put an old radio in her room and put it on the static station and that works, too. We are white noise lovers around this house.

And last, but not least, my number one major must-have is Grandmas! Our moms have been the biggest help ever. They have spent the night, fed her, babysat, shushed her, walked with her, given baths, let mommy get a nap, cleaned our house, cooked for us and the list goes on and on.  We heart our grandmas (and Bop!) around here!

I will continue to add to my favorites, but these are the things I cannot live without for our first three weeks!


  1. Love this! I have most of these on my registry now. Oh, and after visiting my friend Maygan last week, I determined I am definitely getting the pumping bra. Poor thing would pump individually and it seemed like such a time-suck (no pun intended - ha!).

  2. I love seeing what everyone's different favorites are. I didn't know about that pumping bra until it was too late for me, but I think it's genius! Although the picture is laugh inducing :)

  3. We loved the changing pad covers and the foam pad for baths. Cooper used that until he was old enough to sit up. We just used it in the bathtub instead of a baby bathtub which he hated.

  4. Really great list!! Grandmas are the absolute best.

    We love white noise and the Baby Connect app too. We still use the app to track meds for our toddler when he is sick, since multiple people administer it, and different meds are given at different intervals. I also have ALL of his vaccinations and height/weight tracking in there. We changed pediatricians at 6 mos, so it was nice to have the info at my fingertips when the immunization records didn't transfer over correctly. I know I'll use the app again for nursing/diaper tracking for #2 too. Also, we still use the static-y radio and iPhone app sometimes, but we did end up buying a cheap little white noise maker. It's nice for travel, and T's new room doesn't have a radio, so we use it there too.

  5. Great list!!! I'm teary eyed at your last must-have: grandmas! They are the best indeed. :) I've got to get up to T-town to snuggle that little Emmy & give you an extra nap...not that I don't want to chat with you, but I know any extra second you can rest/sleep is cherished!

  6. I may or may not be wearing that bra right now. ;)
    Have you heard of undercover mama? They are these great nursing tanks that you wear with a bra, meaning they don't have a built in bra. They connect to your nursing bra and come down with each side. I'm doing an awful job of explaining it, but they are great. I have a white one and need to order a black one.

  7. Love these! I just put the nursing bra on my list for baby #2. I saw this after I stopped nursing Alex - my friend & I couldn't stop laughing at the desk picture either. But you're right - having your hands free is so helpful!

  8. You've learned a lot in just three weeks!! That app for tracking everything sounds great. Keep up the good work - as Paw Paw would say!! And your dad was a proponent for white noise before it became "popular."
    Love you, Aunt Angie
    P.S. Emmy does have two wonderful grandmothers!!

  9. OMG that bra!!!! I'm dying! And will forever be waiting for a pic of you at your desk, pumping away! HA!
    White noise is still our BFF around here. We have the Homedics noise machine and take it with us when we travel & turn that baby all the way up every.single.sleep. I highly recommend it. So glad Emmy's grandmas are so close by to help out! Priceless.

  10. Great list! Wish I had used the little bath pad, seems like it would have been easier. So fun to see you so often now!!! Her little features are so precious. Hang in there your doing awesome... Xoxo Iris


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