Weekly Faves

Remember these? Probably becoming more like monthly faves now. Ha!

Also, thanks for all of your prayers and questions on Tommy’s uncle. As of now, he still is missing. There was a sighting of him on Tuesday in a small town outside of where he was last seen, but no news since then. My inlaws went up over the weekend to look and today Tommy’s aunt hired three planes to do more aerial coverage looking for his vehicle. Private investigators are also working on this as well. Hopefully, something positive transpires over the next day or so.

And because I have no good segue here, here is what I have been loving online.

I want these S’mores Bars from The Party Dress. My sweet friend Iris brought me my own s’mores the other night! Totally hit the spot! I apparently cannot get enough! (Though, I only have actually had one.)

And speaking of s’mores, check out this s’mores dip from What’s Megan Making? I am feeling it.

Loving these ombre yarn wrapped letters from My Sister’s Suitcase. Only problem is, I am wondering how much is too much with regards to names/monograms/letters for Emmy’s room. Ha!

Can you tell I am craving sweets? (Luckily, I am able to limit myself and turn to fruit the majority of the time.) But these lemon mascarpone tarts from Positively Splendid look fabulous. And from the recipe do not look too hard to make!

Wow, I definitely have sweets on the brain. Check out this really cute ice cream sundae gift set from The Party Dress.

I am not a big game player at showers, but thought that Tip Junkie had some fun ideas for baby shower games if you were looking for entertainment at a future event.

I guess I loved everything The Party Dress posted the past few weeks. Look how cute, clever and easy these little flower straws are. Just two different sizes of cupcakes liners and a candy.

Okay, this really goes to show how late I am to the party. My friend Ashley through her son Cooper the most adorable Farm themed 2nd birthday party…more than a month ago, but it was too cute not to share. Check out all of her details here.

I love packaging and just thought this packaging was really simple, creative and useful after the gift was eaten. From Honey We’re Home.

Okay, so I think I am all caught up! Happy reading, friends!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm on your weekly faves!! I am seriously honored! Yay!!

    Oh, if you want yarn wrapped letters instead of painted, I can do that! I am actually planning on adding yarn wrapped to the shop! Or I can do painted. Whatever you want :)


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