Camera Call

Okay, ladies. I am needing camera help. I have done little (read, no) research on a new camera, so I wanted to poll you guys.

What camera do you use? What do you love? Any great sites to find out comparisons of cameras?

Here’s what I am looking for:

- A high megapixel camera that takes super fast photos. I want to be able to do continuous shooting to get the image I want. Basically, if the baby smiles for a second, I don’t want to miss it because my camera is loading.

- I have very little natural light in my home (ugh), so I want something I where the flash isn’t completely horrific.

- I have no ambitions of being a photographer (ha! – One year from now I will probably love it and want nothing more than to be a photographer – story of my life), so I want something pretty user friendly where I don’t have to spend hours/days/weeks figuring out how to use the thing. I can’t really see myself getting so into it that I want multiple lenses, etc.

- If it could also take video, that would be a major bonus.

Here is what I have been looking at (and when I say “looking at,” I mean I just started thinking about this tonight and did a quick google search on what my friends said they used):

Canon Rebel T3


Nikon CoolPix P510

Looking forward to hearing your favorites!


  1. We have the Canon Rebel xTi and LOVE it!! We bought it a long long time ago and have never had any regrets! Good Luck...who knew camera shopping was as stressful as it is!

  2. I don't have either of these, but I do have a Nikon-something-or-other-5000. I like it. Don't know how the heck 90% of it works (even after the Nikon for Dummies book and some private photography classes.) Ansel Adams I am not. But Nikon does make a mean camera. You're welcome since that was super helpful!! Can't wait to see you next month!!

    PS, your "Prove you're not a robot" things at the end kicks my arse every.single.time. I swear they make the font, like, 4 and then plant a camera in my computer just to watch me make funny, squinty faces in my incorrect attempt to read it. And then laugh at said faces. Jerks.

  3. I have the Canon t2i (just the previous version of the Canon you have pictured above). It was the first dslr I owned. I love it. Very easy to learn how to use. Mine is 18MP and has HD video. I bought a LightPop to go with the flash that came on the camera. It's about $20 or $30 on Amazon, and definitely worth the buy. I have one extra lens, a 50mm f1.8 that I love, but I generally just keep my kit lens on there.

    I got my camera in May of 2010, and took a class in August of that year to learn how to shoot in automatic. It was $200, but definitely a great GREAT experience. I took mine with a photographer/blogger in Tulsa. I would definitely recommend finding something like that so you at least know what your camera is capable of.

    Good luck!!

  4. We own the Canon Rebel T2i. Love it. It does video too. Bought it after doing extensive research online, mostly comparing to the Nikon D5000. To be fair, you should probably compare the Canon T3 to the Nikon D3100. It sounds like the kit lens that comes with the Canon (18-55mm) will work well for your purposes, so you don't have to worry about a telephoto lens (55-250mm or 75-300mm) or the fixed 50mm lens. Same would go for Nikon.

    My husband and I took a class locally at Apertures because we wanted to learn how to shoot in manual modes. Class was outstanding. I do prefer to shoot in manual mode, BUT this camera works great in automatic too. I sat down long enough to show my mom where the on/off switch and automatic setting were, and she took the camera to South Africa. She just had two large canvases made of photos she took in automatic mode. They are amazing. My point is--you can do professional-like photography with the camera in manual settings, if you want, but you can treat it like a point-and-shoot, and photos will still turn out great.

    I will say that although I love our Canon T2i, I really use my iPhone to capture all of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. I always have my phone on me. The camera, on the other hand, is zipped in a carry case and stored away.

    Type "Canon T3 vs Nikon D3100" into google, and you'll get lots of great sites that show comparison charts. The first three I clicked came out with Nikon on top. You can't lose with either brand.

  5. I have a nikon D5000. I like it, and I think it takes great pics, but I honestly don't know how to use 95% of it. I usually just shoot on automatic which is super easy and takes good pics, but the few times that I've experimented with manual, the pics turned out even better.

  6. Everyone I know LOVES the Canon Rebel! :) And I've always loved every Canon I've had. They last longer, are more user-friendly and are just good cameras I think. :)

  7. I have a Canon Rebel.. Love it, but it doesn't have video. Wait.. Right? Crap. I don't think it does! Surely I would know, right??. Now I feel like an idiot. So glad I could be so amazingly helpful in this comment.

  8. I have the Canon Rebel T2i. LOVE it! So many photogs recommend it when I was looking for one. It is very user friendly.

  9. I have the rebel and mine doesn't have video, but the new T3 does. I think it just depends on the model you get (there is more of a base model and a more loaded version too). We have really liked ours and plan to keep it forever:)! I don't use many of the functions on it, but it takes great pics for everyday use. It's just a bit large to lug around, so lots of pics get taken on my phone too.

  10. I bought the Canon Rebel T1i in January & really like it. I got the body only & then purchased the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II lens. It's a fixed lens, so it doesn't zoom but it takes great pictures of Alex. A good tip I learned at that photography class I took recently - check with your homeowners insurance carrier about scheduling the camera, etc on your policy with a lower deductible. It's inexpensive & then you you'll be more likely to keep the camera out on the counter for easy access without stressing something might happen to it. I think having the camera handy is going to encourage me to take a lot more pictures & not miss good moments.

    P.S. I totally cracked up at the Happy Wife's comment about the robot thing. I agree!

  11. I love your last few posts - We are so in the same boat!! I too have had the most vivid and random dreams this week. And we are in the market for a new camera too. We've been trying to figure out what to get - helpful to see your readers reviews. It is too hot to do anything!! The kids and I barely leave the house in the afternoons. Ugh!! Talk to you soon!


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