Sail Away

On the 4th of July we set sail.  That morning we laid by the pool again and then boarded the boat around 2.

Our room was TINY.  We had cruised Princess twice before and this time we went on the Norwegian Sky.  Both cruise lines had plusses and minuses.  I think I probably liked Princess better, but seriously, you really cannot complain.

As we sailed away we had a great view of Miami.

The boat left at 5 and at 6 we participated in a Pub Crawl.  It was $25 for 5 drinks in one hour at 5 different bars. 

The Bahama Mama’s were the best.  I didn’t take a picture of the beer. Lame.

Our next bar stop was margaritas.  I liked them. Megan wasn’t a huge fan, but I like tart and overly sweet drinks…and really anything.

I probably was feeling the three drinks by this point, hence the photo of both the margarita and the screw driver. I guess I thought I hadn’t taken a photo of the margarita yet?

Not photoed: the last drink, which was some sort of shot that was “supposedly” peach schnapps. I call bs on that. Pretty sure it was laced with Everclear. I didn’t partake.

That night we went to dinner in the dining room and being the poor documenter that I am, I only took a photo of the cheese tray.

Tomorrow – Bahamas!


  1. I didn't even remember the last drink was a shot! Eeek - guess those first 4 drinks were a little too effective!

  2. I see you got lots of good use out of those new sunglasses!

  3. Things I am really sad about: that my work apparently blocked the photos on this post for some random reason. Blerg. Can't wait to look at them at home (aka on my phone in a meeting today).. haha.. ;)

  4. Super cute pic of you and Megan! Looks like a blast!

  5. I love Princess Cruise Lines.


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