My favorite day of our cruise was Nassua. We chose to do the excursion to the Atlantis and the property was BEAUTIFUL!  I definitely would go back as a family trip.  It had something for everyone – beach, tons of pools (11 to be exact), a waterpark, aquariums, a dolphin sanctuary, a casino, shopping and more!

As a note, we didn’t stay the night on property.  Just visited. I talked to my friend Mindy today and she went a few years ago and said the rooms there were “pretty 80s.” Also, oddly, in passing she mentioned that she went for work and everyone went home with bug bites.  Megan, AB and I also got tons of bug bites.  So odd, considering I never saw a bug.

When we docked we could see the resort from the dock.  Isn’t it huge???


The grounds were beautiful and very well taken care of.

Have you ever seen a bigger sting ray?

The most fun was at the waterpark.  Tommy and I went down a slide that puts you straight under the shark tank.  Loved it! You can read more about the waterpark on Megan’s blog here.

After we got back to the dock we had a little time to walk around and the town was really cute. The Bahamas celebrated their 38th independence day on July 10th, so it was quite festive!

And speaking of independence day, our Pudge hasn’t been the same since…if this isn’t a story of love, I don’t know what is. 

Pudge is now petrified to go outside. (For fear of fireworks, I assume.) He will walk out the door, but refuses to leave the porch. He will maybe set two paws on the grass to go to the bathroom, but he wont’ do his other business. 


I have to go to the side of the house, hide and meow like a cat to get him to come see the “kitty.”

This seems to work like a charm.


  1. I am SO jealous of your trip! Looks amazing! I think it is SO SO funny that you are acting like a cat :)

  2. Those bug bites are from things called "no-see-ums!" Kevin's uncle lives in St. Thomas and when we go to visit him we come home with tons of bug bites and they're from the no-see-ums. Kind of creepy. Ha!
    Looks like you had a great time!!!

  3. Looks so fun! Now I am living through your daily recaps, wishing I was on a beach! :) I have been wanting to go to Atlantis for some time! I have had several friends go and say it is amazing!

  4. Please tell me Tommy is getting some video documentation if you meowing on the side of the house so your dog will poop!!! I'm seriously dying!!

  5. You had me at 11 pools! :) That pic of you by the tank is SO cute!!!

  6. We went to Atlantis on our Honeymoon and LOVED IT! Of course that was almost 7 years ago...YIKES...they had several slides but not all of them were finished. LOVE it there!

    BTW....laughed out loud at you meowing on the side of the house...good stuff!



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