Let's Make a Splash

Ooooh, Aunt KK, I LOVE your "bath tub!"
This is so fun! (And on another note, how could this baby not have one Tulsa's Most Beautiful Baby contest???)

My hair is so long and shiney.

You aren't going to make me get out, right?

You made me get out.

I think I have had enough for one day.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me! We will be increasing our niece and nephew count to four! Still no name, but hopefully pics and information tomorrow! We cannot wait to meet Max's little brother!


  1. Oh I just love her! I want to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze her. And I agree...how could she not have won??

  2. I have got to come visit you so we can work in some Fin time asap. OMG--she is the cutest!! Give her an extra hug for me next time you see her :)

  3. She is the cutest!! Her hair is so long!

  4. Adorable pics! She is so beautiful! Congrats on being an Aunt again!! --Amy H

  5. I mean, seriously?! She is SO SO SO CUTE!!! I cannot believe she didn't win the contest...I cry foul play. The girl has a future in modeling - seriously! Get on that Aunt KK!


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