Determined to be a better blogger

As mentioned, my life has been crazy busy in the past few weeks. I am hoping to be a better blogger. However, I seem to have lost my blogging abilities. Apparently, writing is not like riding a bike.

Since I really have nothing, I am going to talk about the rumor I heard....that an Anthropologie is opening in Utica Square. I am not out to break the news, I am just telling you what I have heard through the grape vine.

When it opens, though (assuming the rumors are true), I will be shopping in the sale section, but they do have so many cute and eclectic things. Here are my faves. (I am obviously in a home decor kind of mood.)

This table cloth goes, right?

Okay, so totally lame post? Well, practice does make perfect.


  1. Hi! I love Anthropolgie too...and I ONLY shop the sale section!! (when in Houston, since the 'Port may never be so cool as to have an Anthropologie...)
    Also, what is the ABC thing - a wall hanging? If so, I think I know someone in Metals who might could make you a copy of that!!! hee hee! love, Jennifer DeFatta

  2. You just MADE my Monday with that announcement (as long as it actually comes true)! Yay for Tulsa getting this new store!


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