Driller Fever and Sushi

If you guys haven't been to the new Tulsa Drillers ballpark, you are sooo missing out! I am pretty much a regular now...I am on night 2. Not too shabby considering I haven't watched a sporting event in decades. (Okay, maybe just a few years.) And to be completely honest, I really didn't even watch the two games I have been to....it is much more fun to hang out with the girls!

Saturday night I did something I have never done before - make sushi. I have eaten it. A lot. And it is so much easier to make than you would think. (Easy for me to say...I only rolled the items up.) Megan had all of the ingredients, including the best filler in sushi ever -- cream cheese.

Megan did a demonstration for us. (She was our sushi expert. She had done it once before.)
Sticky rice -- man, that stuff is filling.

Rolled nicely.
This was my big attempt to get a money shot. And that is why I am not a photographer.

My favorite roll is the candy roll (minus avacado, add cream cheese) at In the Raw, so I tried to recreate my own - shrimp, crab, cream cheese. And, if I do say so myself, it totally rocked. I will tell you this, if I could do it anyone can. I may even try it on my own.


  1. YUMMY! I need to try that. I want to go to the new stadium. I've heard it is so much fun.

  2. I wouldn't call doing it once expert status but now that I've done it twice maybe ;) Practice makes perfect so we'll have to do it again soon...maybe at the new house! The game was fun on Monday...you guys are die hard Drillers fans now!

  3. YUM!! We spend so much $$ on sushi that I really need to try to make some!


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