Emmy Turns Four!

Emmy has been saying for months now that she wants a Hello Kitty birthday party with a bouncy castle (that is likely thanks to Peppa Pig). Luckily, my gym has a great facility that is insanely cheap to rent and includes a bouncy castle! Yay!

And mom fail. I didn't get a pic of the bouncy castle, but I swear it was there! The party was at 10:00 a.m., so I had some fruit, cupcakes, popcorn and a chick-fil-a tray (not pictured). It was surprisingly all gone by the end of the party!

Sugarheart Bakeshop did the cake!

Emmy really wanted to decorate cupcakes again like we did at her 3rd birthday, which I apparently failed to get a picture of as well. (I apparently needed a professional there!)

As favors, I thought it would be fun if the kids could bring home their own paintings. I had these black and white coloring pages printed onto foam core board. The kids all had a blast!

My other favors were the Hello Kitty Suckers I found online and had them do double duty as a centerpiece:

The Hello Kitty die cuts I ordered off of Etsy. They are actually note cards, so they also did double duty as our thank you notes!

We had a great time celebrating our best girl!!!


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