Holden 21 months (now 22, but who's counting)

Holden turned 21 months....a month ago.  We will just say he keeps us busy!

So, let's see. We had a good summer. Holden had absolutely zero interest in  wearing a puddle jumper, but finally decided that he would deal with a life jacket. He stuck to me like glue in the water, but by the end of the summer liked going into the pools with beach entry and playing on his own.

We went to Big Cedar Lodge by Branson for our summer vacation. I had no idea what to expect (I was thinking it was going to be like a huge Bass Pro shop), but it was amazingly nice and exceeded every expectation. We loved and it would love to go back! Holden and Emmy both loved swimming, seeing the animals and going on the golf cart tour.  It took Holden about 4 of our 6 nights there to get used to sleeping in the pack and play and he woke by 6 every morning. (It was like a mini Emmy - haaaa!) But he loved the beach and the pools and was a great car traveler! I was also thinking he might like riding rides at Silver Dollar City (Emmy LOVES them), but notsomuch. He did a few, but wanted to sit on my lap the whole time, which wouldn't work...he wasn't too thrilled!

The past three (four) months Holden went from the most easy going baby to a toddler. He is still sweet, but will straight-up throw a toddler fit if he doesn't get his way. And apparently that is a lot. Good thing he is cute!

Holden also sprang three of his two-year molars....so maybe that has something to do with the meltdowns.

It is so funny because he is so different than Emmy - really cautious, won't eat a vegetable to save his life and a just naturally into things like balls, cars, and trains. He is really athletic (for a one year old) and can ride a scooter like a pro. It is seriously adorable. He also has a sweet heart for animals and LOVES puppies.

Other likes include:
- Popsicles
- Any sweet
- Any tv show (parents of the year) but mostly Bubble Guppies, Peppa and Paw Patrol
- Cars that go by themselves on a track and any truck or tractor
- Dipping food into any kind of sauce (salsa, ketchup, mustard, ranch, etc....)
- Coloring
- Playing with my nephew Luke

Holden had his arm pulled out of socket again...this time by Tommy when I was out of town at a funeral. He was in pain until Tommy's uncle popped it back in.

Oh, and he HATES for me to hold my sister's new baby Collins. Haaaaa! He won't let me or Tommy's mom around her if she is around. Little stinker.

I love seeing his and Emmy's relationship form. He is totally monkey see, monkey do and she will be really sweet with him...for the most part.  They love to play chase, color and go on their scooters together.

He is talking up a storm and says two and three word sentences.  It is just so cute. He will say "what's that noise?" to anything that he hears. If I ask him his age, he will put up one finger and yell "twooooo." Haaaa! He also says his favorite color is purple green.  Lol. We love our little guy and can't believe he will be two soon!!!


  1. Holden is seriously just too cute!!! I am thankful for the idea that he likes car trips, and I think that means that you can start planning a trip to Shreveport soon. I have lots and lots of cars and trucks for him to play with, and we have plenty of dolls for Emmy to enjoy. I really, really hope that I get to see this precious child before he is all grown up. Love you, Aunt Angie

  2. He is so cute and what a sweetie!


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