Holden 18 Months

The past three months have been huge for Holden’s verbal developments.  He is a talker and sometimes I am the only one who can understand him, but it is so fun to watch his little mind work!  He loves to point at things and tell us what they are (airplane, lawn mower) or tell us what he wants to eat (cracker, chicken, CAKE – boy loves himself a sweet). When he doesn’t get his way, he throws a solid fit.  Ha!

He and Emmy are interacting more and he is totally monkey see, monkey do. At dinner the other night, she coughed, he coughed, she wanted a drink, he did. Ha! He is also really, really into dipping his food into a sauce. He loves salsa, too! As far as eating, Holden isn’t as good of an eater as Emmy. He loves himself some carbs, meat and fruit, but won’t really touch any veggies. He also loves “popsicles” (which are really just frozen yogurt sticks) and will go to the freezer about 5 times a day and scream “op ick le” until you get him one. He isn’t spoiled at all. Ha.

Some of his favorite things are Bubble Guppies, Peppa and Paw Patrol (sadly he LOVES tv, but I do limit it to 1-2 shows a day or he would totally be a couch potato), playing with balls/balloons, coloring/playing with chalk (this must be because of Emmy because she had zero interest at this age),  racing Emmy and reading.  He used to let me just put him in bed at night, but now he makes me read him a story before bed. HE also has taken to a puppy and wants it wherever he goes. He needs both his pappy (pacifier) and puppy. He also hikes his little puppy up under his arm and it is just the cutest thing.
Another cute thing he does is give kisses. He will lean in and stick his little tongue out for his kiss and is a total mama’s boy. I love it!
He absolutely REFUSES to wear any kind of flotation device in the water, so that will make for a long summer.
We love our precious guy so much!


  1. I did already post a comment!! I don't know where it went. Anyway, I love the post and I love that precious little boy!! He is absolutely the cutest. Love, Aunt Angie

  2. He is so cute! I can't believe how big he is!


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