Emmy is 3.5!

Our sweet girl turned 3.5 in April. Better late than never! This has been the epitome of what everyone tells you about age three – creative, full of personality and HARD.  She is a very strong willed child and is full of great attributes for a future CEO.  She also gets up before six every.single.morning.  OMG. We have done literally everything including a sleep consultant and her sleep is average at best. I have even been so frustrated with her constantly getting up that I have written in her journal that I hope she has a daughter that hates sleep as much as she does.  Ha. #motheroftheyear

This year Emmy started school and really loved it. I also love that it opened her eyes to art. She loves to do an art project, which I think is so fun.  She would also come home talking about Jesus, the bible and singing so many songs, which was really sweet. She also can write her name and most letters of the alphabet now.

In April she began swimming lessons and she just loves being in the water! She loves the pool, splash pad, sprinklers, but I still have to coax her into a bath.
Her other favorite things to do are playing with her cousins, going on ncations (vacations), and playing mom and dad. I am almost always the grandmother and Tommy is the dad. Emmy also got a new cousin this month and she is very smitten and interested in the baby!
Emmy is still a great eater. She loves fruits, many veggies and, of course, anything sweet.  For as obstinate as she can be, she can be equally sweet. Last night she told me she wants to grow up and be a mommy just like me. Heart melting. Emmy is outgrowing her naps, but still needs them every few days to catch up on the sleep she doesn’t get at night, so we make her rest daily.  She gets to watch one or two tv shows a day and still likes Peppa Pig as her favorite.  Next week she starts dance camp, and is sooooo excited to take it with her cousin Tatum. 
We love our little girl and are hoping that she begins loving sleep by my next post. Ha! 


  1. I'm impressed she is writing her letters! I swear I go over letters with Drew all the time and she just points at them at random and doesn't care! Ha!

  2. So fun! I love that your kiddos have so many cousins their age. I'm sorry sleep hasn't gotten any better- that's rough! :/ We saw your sweet kids at the pool last week- hope you guys are doing well! Miss you!


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