Emmy Two and a Half

Emmy turned two and a half this week! Her little personality is just developing and she cracks me up. (She is also two and a half and there are the challenges that come with a very vocal and opinionated 2.5 year old ;), but we will focus on the positive here!)

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These past six months we have tried to keep her life as normal as possible with her new baby brother making his debut. We kept her in her crib and did not start potty training or taking away her “momo” (pacifier). I wanted to make sure the transition wasn’t any harder on her than it already was going to be and I am glad we didn’t push anything.

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I just love that Emmy can talk to me now. Her conversations when we eat together are just my favorite.  She says and does some of the funniest things. The child also has the memory of an elephant. She remembers EVERYTHING. Even things from months ago and will randomly bring it up. For example, we were talking about her friend McCord being in the hospital and she said, “Oh, where you get pizza.” (And that is what she remembers about her baby brother being born – that she had pizza at the hospital. Haaaaa!)

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She also has started to mimic everything Tommy and I do. This could be potentially mortifying at some point, but is mostly funny! She has put my mom and mil in the “calming area,” asked if she can make me a turkey wrap, goes “shopping” at Target and LOVES to pretend to put us to bed. She does our whole night time ritual of reading a book, telling a story (hers are hilarious) and putting us to sleep. Her favorite game to play is “monster,” which is basically hide and go seek with lots of yelling when you are found. She hides in the same spots every time and is sometimes in plain view. She also loves to ride the trike that we borrowed from Liam and McCord and go on walks.  She still loves babies and is obsessed with the doll house at Julie’s. It is the first thing she goes to play with when I drop her off. She also loves to drink “copy” with me.

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Her vocabulary is really great and I can understand about 99.5% of what she says.  It cracks me up when she uses big words. They just seem so cute coming out of her mouth!

Emmy’s bedtime is around 8 and she will sleep until between 6:30 and 7:30. 

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Emmy’s favorite show was Bubble Guppies until Tautm had her Peppa Pig 3rd birthday party and now she will watch nothing else!

We are making potty training progress. She can now tell us if she needs to sit on the potty and will go #2.  We aren’t quite there with #1, but I am going to wait until after we go on vacation this summer to really try to potty train her unless she wants to do it herself before then. A road trip and public restrooms with a newly potty trained toddler doesn’t sound that fun.

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We are down to her last pacifier. She has bitten holes in all of her other ones, so I am hoping that we can wean her from it soon. Wishful thinking…probably.

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Emmy is a great eater. Her favorite food is pizza, but she will eat almost all veggies and every fruit. She also loves fruit candy (fruit snacks), ice cream and apple sauce. Those are her go-to sweets.  She loves to go to Chick-fil-a because she wants the apple juice and has taken a liking to Arby’s Roast Beef sandwiches and the cheddar chips. 

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Emmy weighs 28.8 pounds and I am not sure of her height. She is wearing 2t and 3t clothes.

She is such a sweet big sister to her brother and loves to hug him and help. I think she will have so much fun with him when he can really interact with her.  She did have a rough transition a few weeks after his arrival where she threw the most epic fits I have ever experienced.  Also, in the 12 weeks I was off on maternity leave, she came down with two stomach viruses and a heck of a cold. So trying to keep her from touching her brother probably didn’t help with the transition either.  She has always been really great with him…her acting out was more towards me.

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She also has such a wonderful imagination. I love to watch her play. The picture above is the Polar Express (was obsessed!). Today she pushed her friend {imaginary} Jack on the swing. I wish I had the creativity she has! She also LOVES playing with her cousins! All of them! Nothing makes her happier than playing with her sweet friends.

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We just love our sweet and sassy girl!


  1. This age really is so much FUN!

  2. So adorable!! I love all your cute pictures and stories about Emmy! What a little doll with a great imagination!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. She is so cute! That picture in the bed where they are looking at each shows how much they look alike!!

  4. You know that I read your posts more than one time! I love the picture of Emmy in her ballet costume with her hands on her hips. Does she take dance lessons? Adorable!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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