Holden 2 Months

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Our little man is 2 months old and he is just the sweetest, happiest baby in the world! Big sister was much more difficult (or maybe we had no idea what we were doing), so he is just such a pleasant surprise as far as his demeanor. He will catch your eye and just give you the biggest smile. I absolutely love it!

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We have been battling colds around here including Holden’s first. I took him to the doctor to make sure he didn’t have RSV (he didn’t) and he weighed more at 7 weeks (11.6 pounds) than Emmy did at 4 months (11.2). No wonder he is so happy – ha!

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He likes to watch big sister and one morning he gave her the biggest smile in the world. It was precious. The feeling is mutual and she absolutely LOVES him! When I bring him into her room in the morning (because, trust me, we are all up by 7!), she has a high pitched voice of excitement and yells – Holden! It really is adorable!

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Holden is still a good day sleeper. He wakes between 6 and 7 for the day and will eat.  About an hour and a half later he will take a nap and then wake to eat again about 1.5 later.  After that feeding he will be up for about 30 minutes to an hour and then take a good 2 hour nap.  He will wake around 1, eat and stay up for another 1-1.5 hours. Unfortunately, this is during the same time as Emmy’s nap, so I think my napping while two kids are napping are becoming numbered.

He will stay up for a few hours between 7-9 or 10 and if I am lucky, will go to bed around 10 and give me a 6.5 – 7 hour stretch. We haven’t made it longer than 7 hours. Emmy was sleeping between 7-10 hours at this point, but she was up a lot more during the day usually. 

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We are definitely not in any newborn clothes anymore. He is in mainly three month outfits and size 1 diapers.

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He loves:

- laying on his back

- being held

- bath time

- being talked to


- getting his clothes on (boy is stiff!)

- getting his diaper changed if he is hungry

- getting into his car seat (and sometimes riding in it)

Nicknames: Bubsie, Mr. Bubs, Mr. Man, Brother

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His demeanor is just so sweet – so many smiles (Emmy was soooo much more serious), he has even giggled once at me, and is just generally happy to look around. He coos a ton. Basically, just a dream baby.

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Over the past month, we have worked through Emmy’s fit throwing and they seem to have gotten shorter and less frequent, so I think she is adjusting. I am still trying to manage two at once by myself. I find them both needing something and crying at the exact same time extremely stressful and the fact that Emmy had the world’s worst cough for a week and me trying to keep her away from the baby was a struggle. (Not that it helped anyway…le sigh.) I am ready for the cold/flu season to be over so that I can actually take her to do fun stuff during the days I have off because I have avoided going in public since her hands are constantly in her mouth and I don’t want her to pass anything to the baby. So those have all been my biggest challenges of being a mom to two.

I go back to work in three weeks, so I am sure that will present a whole new set of challenges (how in the world will I get three humans ready and out the door while still maintaining my sanity)? Luckily, I only have to do that two days a week, but the thought is a tad overwhelming. Ha! I have done it once as a trial and it took a lot of preparation, so I know it is possible…but that may have been an anomaly.

More soon!


  1. Holden is so cute! And I love the pics of yall in stripes. Are you going to work part-time when you return to work?

  2. This post must have occurred while I was not "allowed" to make a comment. It was fun to go back and look at all the pictures and read your comments. Love you, Aunt Angie


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