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This post could also be titled, ahem, where all my money goes. (Don’t tell Tommy.)

I have been sitting on so much random stuff, so here you go.

I recently read a really great book called, Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky Bailey. I recently posted about her Facebook page, Conscious Discipline, so I bought the book. It is full of great info on how to discipline effectively. Though Emmy’s favorite word is “no,” I am sure she is still in the easiest stage of toddler-hood, so I will be interested to see if I can still apply these ideas when she gets a little more difficult.

Some of the thoughts were so obvious (we take things out of our kids’ hands to give back to another kid, yet we want them to “share”) and other concepts were difficult like how to teach them not to tattle.

I will say, there were parts of the book that were super dry, but overall would recommend it for some great tips!

Complete change of subject. My sister recommended the Spanx Brallelujah to me. I went to Dillards to try it on, but could not bring myself to pay $62 for a bra. Mine were bad. Like so embarrassingly bad, I would hide at the gym when I changed. So I decided to look online and found a great deal at Blissworld.com. These were marked down to $43 a piece and when I purchased it they had a four piece cleansing kit for free. You can check all their special offers here.

(Edited to add why the bra is so great – duh! I am a walking mom brain infomercial. If there was an infomercial on mommy brain.) With this bra there are no seams or fat bulge. It completely eliminates them and is comfortable to boot. Total win!

On a not as fun (but still cute) shopping note, we have a friend whose little girl is sick and in the hospital. Rustic cuff is selling these adorable bracelets to help defray our friends’ medical bills. Please keep Josie in your prayers and you can get updates on this sweet girl on Facebook.

On a final note, the Hollywood Housewife shared this image on her Facebook wall today. It is a note someone wrote to their five-years-ago self. After reading this, I thought to myself how much more I would have enjoyed my last five years – I certainly would have saved myself a lot of stress and anguish over getting pregnant, those rough early baby months and more. So, lesson learned. I will try to take things more in stride for my next five years. (I said try…)

Hope you all are doing well…if anyone still reads this. Ha!!!


  1. That bra looks awesome but not sure I am willing to splurge either.

  2. A letter to 5 years ago me? I'd probably tell me that I'm out of wine, call my dad & really just accept the fact that I'm going to be sticky for the next 7 years. Oh, & I'd burst out into laughter whenever anyone around me said the word "vacation".

    And I really need to check out that book. Anything to help me figure out why whenever I leave the room Bennett screams like I just burned him with cigarettes.

  3. I'm totally willing to spend that much on a bra if it works! I have not found one that I liked since I've stopped nursing. I'll have to check it out. I started following CD on facebook when you suggested it last. I'll have to get that book.

  4. Hi, Katie,
    Yes, I'm still reading!! I tried the Spanx Brallelujah about three years ago, and I have never been able to wear any other kind of bra since then!! Thank you so much for the suggestion because I went to the website and ordered three of them!! You are very resourceful. I originally bought it because I was tired of bra straps falling off my shoulders, and I only get the racer-back style. Before the Spanx Brallelujah, I actually paid $100 for a bra at a very high fashion couture store here in Shreveport because the bra strap situation was really driving me crazy!! It was awful because the sales lady convinced me that I needed for the bra to be very tight, and I really couldn't breathe. That's probably more than anyone wants to know about my bra purchases, but thanks for the tip anyway.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. Oh brallelujah!! I have got to get one of those things. You do not even want to know or realize the situation over here after nursing 3 kids for a year each. It's ugly. Now I have hope without a plastic surgery intervention:). Thanks!


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