For my locals: Major Timesaver Alert

For my Tulsa friends, I have the best timesaver ever – Reasors. (For those of you not from Tulsa reading this, Reasors is a local grocery store with stores across Oklahoma. Even if you don’t have a Reasors, you may check your local grocery store to see if they have the service I am blogging about below.)

I have, on many occasions, used Reasors for staging cute pictures of my child. See exhibit A and B below.

Exhibit A:

iphone pics 1223 220

Exhibit B:

iphone pics 12214 048

“M” and “Em” (Ha…..I am so punny!!!)

But a few weeks ago I took the plunge and used their online ordering.  This is awesome. I make my menu and grocery list, order it all online and then 5 hours later I can pull up and they load the groceries in my car. This is seriously life-changing.

Here is what you need to know:

  • You can only use the service Monday – Friday, so this won’t work for you on the weekend. (Boo – but my business side loves the concept of them being super-efficient and using their employees’ time wisely on the slowest parts of their day.)
  • If you order by 6 a.m., you can pick up after 11 a.m. If you order at 11, you can pick up after 4 p.m.
  • I just call the store on my way home and let them know I will be there soon and they are waiting for me when I get there. My frozen and refrigerated food has been stored, so it is still fresh.
  • The service is only $5. Hello, amazing! I was telling my sister-in-law about it and she said she would save $5 just by not having impulse purchases. So true. Also, pretty sure my hour is worth more than $5.
  • You can also get delivery for $15, but I could literally walk to Reasors, so it always on my way home.
  • If the item isn’t on their site, but you know they carry it (for example, this granola that I love), you can just write it in and they will pull it for you.
  • Also, before I  add the item to my cart, I add it to my shopping list so that in the future I can just shop directly from my saved list vs. having to find the items online.

The site is a little clunky, but if you can figure out Facebook, you can figure out the site.

Sadly, Reasors doesn’t know who I am, so I am not being paid for this ringing endorsement in any way, shape or form, but thought this little review would help my fellow time-strapped, non-grocery-shop-loving friends.


  1. I would ABSOLUTELY use this!! If anything, to avoid the annoying "race car" grocery cart (which is always loud and broken when I drive it), the millions of times I have to yell at the boys to sit down (threatening that 'Santa is watching'), and save me the embarrassment of whatever Alex has managed to slip in the cart while I'm not looking (hemorrhoid cream has been my favorite, so far). I HATE going to the grocery store. Like, would rather have an invasive pelvic exam bad.

    And, are so punny!!!

  2. I need to start using this! I agree - $5 is so worth my time. Do you usually tip the person that loads the stuff in your car?

    Genius idea! I love Reasors.

    Oh & I always love your friend Jane's comments. Hilarious!

  3. I LOVE Reasors and I especially love the new little cafe at the one by your house. I don't shop there often because their prices are higher, but I did try this service right after I had Hattie. I couldn't stomach the thought of shopping with 3 kids. It was so great and convenient, but I only did it the one time because I spent over double what I typically spend at Walmart or Target. I wish their prices were more comparable. When is Target going to pick up on this??


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