Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another favorite toy

Emmy’s Favorite Things 6-7 months

I love reading about other baby’s favorite things for their little ones, so I thought I would share some of our favorites!  Also, if you have any great ideas of things your baby liked at this age (or coming up), please share! I am always looking for new entertainment options!


Believe it or not, Emmy has a preference when it comes to her pureed foods. She loves Ella’s organics and Earth’s Best.  I have to tell you, though, I think the Ella’s branding is super cute. She will suck these baby’s down and I also love the ones with the rice or starch because she sleeps awesome!  I usually also give her some “real” food from the table if we are having something she can eat. 


Baby girl now pulls her headbands into her eyes, so we have moved on to bows to keep her hair out of her face.  (I use the word “we” liberally.  Tommy does not care about her hair, I am sure.) I had my friend who owns Teal & Co. make her some clips with no embellishments (cute pearls and such) because when she gets tired she will pull the bow out and start eating it. I also think she is starting to twirl her hair like I still do.  Sigh. :)


This walker is one of Emmy’s favorites, especially the phone!  She uses it a lot. Just like her mama!

This is Emmy’s other cell phone. She is a huge fan of it! Ha! Early baby communicator? I think so.


These balls have provided endless amounts of fun. She shakes them and when you put them on the ground and she grabs for them, they roll forward (by her push) making her scoot even more.  They are pretty cute, too!

My sister gave Emmy this Baby Einstein music table for Christmas. We still don’t have the legs on it, but she loves playing the piano and has figured out how to roll the little ball in the horn and she gets so proud of herself!

My sister-in-law was nice enough to loan us her exersaucer and Emmy just loves it! I can put her in it and it really does give us 30 minutes of play time.  It’s also super cute because she will see me in the kitchen working and will just give me the biggest smile. 

I am sure there are other favorites, but I totally still have mommy brain, so I will update when I remember!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Emmy is 7 months old!

My little girl is now closer to a year than she is to a newborn! (I realize I am stating the obvious, but it is so hard to believe!)

She is really getting a little personality! She is 99% sweet and 1% diva. The diva part can be explained when I am trying to get her to take a nap and she takes the pacifier out and throws it at me. She does the same with food when she is through eating.  Ha!!! I have a feeling her toddler and teenage years will be nothing short of interesting. 

The other times she is laughing, cooing, blowing raspberries and just smiling! She really is a sweet, sweet baby.

This month has been a busy one and full of lots of fun firsts!

Baby girl had her first swing ride. She seemed to like it.  I bought her one for our backyard, so I am eager to get it up!

iphone pics 050413 003

Precious girl wasn’t feeling so hot when we went to cousin Max’s 5th birthday party. This is her on her way – rocking her signature serious face.

iphone pics 050413 009

Stopping on our neighborhood walk to smell the flowers.

iphone pics 050413 017

Emmy has also really taken notice of Carter this month! He isn’t allowed on the bed, but one stormy morning he made it up there to Emmy’s delight.  He looks huge in this picture, but only weighs about 45 pounds.

iphone pics 050413 025

We had a play date with our baby friends.  Emmy and the baby on the right were born the same day and the baby on the left was born in January. They will all be in the same class in school (like their moms) and will just have so much fun growing up together!

iphone pics 050413 039

We took Emmy on her first zoo trip! She LOOOOOVED it! She was screaming and squealing the whole time.  We went with her cousins, so it was double fun for her! 

iphone pics 050413 094iphone pics 050413 102

Happy girl!

iphone pics 050413 115

Sweet, sleepy face!

iphone pics 050413 126

Feet in the grass…not sure what she thought about that.

iphone pics 050413 127

Now that Emmy is sitting up she has had new experiences like sitting in the high chair at a restaurant (pretty sure our eating out days are limited) and riding in the cart at Target.  This picture was taken between her whipping her head around to look at everything, but she absolutely loved the freedom of the cart!

iphone pics 050413 134

Our eating adventures are still ongoing. Emmy loves cauliflower, squash, zucchini, hummus, guacamole.  She has tried chicken salad and it was met with mixed reviews. She also has a hankering for cheese!  We are doing pouch purees and she can suck them down like a champ. She still doesn’t know how to use a sippy cup, but enjoys playing with it. She also enjoys yogurt melts, mum mums and puffs.

iphone pics 050413 135

Our sweet girl is wearing mainly 6 month clothes, size 2 diapers and can still squeeze into some 0-3 month clothes (as we had to do with our crummy cold weather this week)!

She is scooting all around, turning in circles on her tummy and can bring her knees under her, but no real crawling yet.  She is able to army crawl on our carpet. 

Her favorite toys are her Sophie the Giraffe, her two pretend phones, her walker that has a toy on the front (including a phone) and her exersaucer. 

Emmy loves bath time still and squeals when she is in there.  She has gotten much better at being laid down for a nap and going to sleep on her own and has moved to two long naps a day. 

She is a girl of a million nicknames – Emmers, Emmer Bemmers, Boo, Boo Kitty (Tommy’s former boss had a cat of this name and for some reason it has stuck), Kit Kat (a nickname for a nickname, obviously), Kit Kat Bar, of course, sweet girl is still one of our favorites.

Emmy is still so happy to see us in the morning and gets so excited. I am kind of her favorite right now, which I love. She reaches for me and when she catches my eye, she gives me the sweetest, biggest grin.

We love to watch her learn new things and she gets more and more fun each and every day.  We just love our precious girl!

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